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  1. Thank you all for your thoughts and responses. I have other interviews coming up and look forward to them greatly.
  2. It's in north central texas. I know cost of living is less here than DFW but still.... not by that much. I thought $40/hr sounded low/off, even for a new grad. Are you currently doing UC in DFW? Or was this from previous interviewing experience? Much appreciated for your thoughts!
  3. Hello Everyone, I just received an Urgent Care offer in Texas. Any thoughts/input are appreciated :) Open 365 days a year Full Time = 36-40 hrs per week Training period- 3 months with direct supervision Shifts are 8 hrs long Compensation : $40/hr - I asked if this would go up after the training period, however was told that it would be dependent upon the 'SP's professional opinion". I don't know if this is normal? CME: $500/yr, nothing mentioned about time off PTO: 1 week for 0-12 months of experience, 10 days PTO for 2 years of clinical experience Pts per hour: 3-5 on busy day Holidays: pay time and a half Benefits: -health insurance -life insurance -disability insurance- optional Malpractice is covered by them, unsure about tail coverage. No student loan assistance. They recently opened up a 2nd location and I would be a new provider training at the old location until an established patient base knows about the 2nd location. My permanent base would be determined later on after knowing more from the 2nd location Both UC locations are about 30 mins away from my home, but in opposite directions.
  4. DillonT856

    2013 Application Cycle

    Hi Amina, I interview with SU next month on the 21st. It's my first interview for PA school and anything you're willing to share about their style, and how they do their individual/group process would be VERY appreciative. Thanks!

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