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  1. I actually got my letter in the mail today. Got placed on the alternate list! Before I came home to my mail, I called the school, told them I had receievd nothing, & I was told all decisions will be finalized this week to next week at their meeting. So for those of you who havent heard, keep your head up!
  2. i believee your student ID is the 7 digit number for the ID to MBKU portal :) Thats what I did at least & ran my BG check!
  3. Paid my deposit yesterday & sent in my matriculation agreement yesterday! Spoke with leslie & she said the email is coming :) yayyyy!
  4. Nope, nothing on my end! but I just emailed by matriculation agreement & asked Leslie regarding Certiphi. Ahe hasnt answered me yet, but Ill keep you guys posted :) Angie
  5. You are :) But im just gunna mail & email a copy to the schoool
  6. For those of us accepted, did you guys get the email from Certiphi yet????
  7. i was told on the phone by Professor Mollet that Leslie Lim would send us an email and also acceptance packet in the mail next week :) I feel ya, same goes for me here :) I think itll be forreal once I have the packet in my hand!
  8. just got accepted tooo! :D shaking so bad right now hahha
  9. i heard 40. I received an email frm the director of the program and she basically told me the school received all 40 deposits and currently program is full but dont give up hope.
  10. I love how theyre SO organized with this whole process :)hahaha. Crossing my fingers for all of us!
  11. I actually had to email the school with my new address today &...... asked in the end of my email when decisions were being released :) She said early next week!
  12. Id be down to meet up even though Im in the mid morning session :) As long as you guys are okay with that!
  13. Im Jan 10 mid morning session. Anyone else?
  14. me too :( running into the same issue. Im planning to call tmrw so ill keep you guys posted :)
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