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  1. I was offered a new job working in OBGYN and am contemplating switching. however, it would be with lower pay as the job is salary not hourly and would need to work occasional weekend a my per diem for OT. Any OBGYN PAs have any insight on whether they loved or hated it?
  2. My first job is in NYC and higher than that. Soooo up that
  3. Hi there, I just graduated from the Worcester campus. Feel free to PM me any questions
  4. And Monday is a holiday, so we wouldn't even potentially get scores until Tuesday
  5. Same! I am hating the wait even though it has only been a day for me.
  6. Hello, I will be starting my first position in the cardiothoracic ICU in about 3 months. Any suggested books, readings, or tips? I currently have Manual of Preoperative care in cardiac surgery by Dr. Bojar. Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone, i took the pance yesterday 1/8/18 Hoping to receive results soon! Have any of you received your results yet?
  8. I got that email a long time ago. Pretty sure it means you meet the minimum rewuirements
  9. I wonder why mine was submitted to the committee later than you, I applied in July submitted supplemental in August. Hope that doesn't hurt me since it's rolling...
  10. I recieved an email that my app has finally been forward to the admissions comittee. I submitted my supplemental in August? That took a long time lol.
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