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  1. My first job is in NYC and higher than that. Soooo up that
  2. Hi there, I just graduated from the Worcester campus. Feel free to PM me any questions
  3. And Monday is a holiday, so we wouldn't even potentially get scores until Tuesday
  4. Same! I am hating the wait even though it has only been a day for me.
  5. Hello, I will be starting my first position in the cardiothoracic ICU in about 3 months. Any suggested books, readings, or tips? I currently have Manual of Preoperative care in cardiac surgery by Dr. Bojar. Thanks!
  6. Hey everyone, i took the pance yesterday 1/8/18 Hoping to receive results soon! Have any of you received your results yet?
  7. I was accepted to the worcester campus. But apparently they are not sending snything out until the end of August /beginning of September .
  8. smccccc


    That's what I did
  9. It might be more involved than you think. These are questions you should ask at the interview or ask to shadow a clinical care tech at this hospital. They may also just have posted a very broad description of the position
  10. Go to MAPA then PAshadowing and it brings u to this website pashadowonline.com create an account and it shows you PAs who will let you shadow them. It says to sign up for an available date on there ( there's a calendar) however I would just email them because I did and they answered
  11. I don't know much about the military, however I did what you are thinking about doing. I got my CNA sophomore year of college. Then worked 18 hours a week as a cna throughout college in a nursing home, then 12-24 a week in an Icu setting. I took one year off since I applied at the end of my senior year for PA school and I got accepted! It all worked out for me, so it can for you too!
  12. I made a Facebook group here's the link https://m.facebook.com/groups/402863586558008?ref=bookmark
  13. I'll make a facebook group if someone PMs me they're name on facebook because you need at least one other member to make a group. Otherwise I think the program makes one in like September I saw people say in previous threads.
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