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  1. https://www.humandx.org/ there is a good app. The case are presented in steps and you create and update your ddx as you get more info. It will give you a score based on how long it takes you to get the right dx.
  2. I'm going through the authorization process now in NY. They have this chart which compares what various providers can do. Look at NP vs PA..... expanded-provider-law-chart (1).pdf
  3. I thought it was a good survey and it prompted me to think about the name and its effect in a different way. Without discussing the options mentioned I do think some may have been there as tools to calibrate the survey rather than genuine suggestions. At least I hope so. Overall I think name change is not the thing holding our profession back. The fact we lack serious numbers and thus our lobbying power is so much less than other professional groups is the biggest hurdle.
  4. I just graduated this past summer and from my class the average graduation to work time was around 8-10 weeks. The shortest I heard was about 4 weeks but that was one person and there first few weeks were shadowing/orientation on a reduced salary. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  5. I have various resources I used extensively throughout school for sale. I'll indicate where I found them useful with D,C or P Essential Clinical Anatomy 4th ed, Moore et al = D Pance Prep Pearls 1st ed, Williams = D,C & P ! PANCE PANRE Question book 1st edition, Williams = P useful for prep review PA Exam for Dummies, Snyder = D, P PA Board Review 3rd ed, Van Rhee = D, P Current Diagnosis & Treatment Surgery = D, C ADC opthalmoscope and otoscope, travel set, AA batteries = D Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  6. congratulations on your acceptance! My program supplied us with laptops when we started. In regards to applications the only special app was examsoft which locks your computer while taking exams so you cannot access any other files or apps. see if your program uses anything similar and if there are any requirements to use it (basically is it mac/Windows compatible). otjer than that a web browser and your preferred office suite us all you need so don't spend a fortune on a high end machine. good luck Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  7. Not sure how helpful they will be in getting a job. Our clinical faculty tell us they might be, but I have yet to have that confirmed by any preceptors. My gut says it is more for the programs benefit than ours. As the year has gone on I have logged less and less. I make sure to log enough patients and procedures but that's it. We are required to log an ICD for each patient so that is what I do. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  8. For most classes my least useful study tools were my lecture notes. I found good review books (pearls and van rhee were my most used) along with some good text books (CMDT, step up to medicine and lippincott pharmacology review) helpful. For videos Khan academy is good but doesn't cover all the topics, cme4life has some helpful mnemonics. pa exam review is one good podcast lots of others. Im partial to the AFP and EM boot camp ones but they are not always exactly relevant to didactic and might be more suited to clinicals. Finally use quizlet, search for sets based on your class and you will
  9. And too many new grass nps..I assume there is a preference for like to hire like...How many nursing administrators with recruiting authority are there compared to PAs in the same position? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  10. As a current student I can echo the authoritarian do as we say nature of my program. They are not very interested in dialogue. Also I am surprised at how many of the practising PAs I meet on rotation are aware of the NCCPAs recent actions. Most admit to not paying attention too much but are surprised when I tell them about the WVa actions. Is there a way to spread that story amongst PAs? How I don't know maybe advertisement in journals. Perhaps PAFT could take action on this at the conference. Increasing awareness amongst practising PAs could only help Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G9
  11. I would just ask them out right why they have a declining pass rate. Cost is by far the biggest factor. Not just tuition but cost of living as well. Every dollar you borrow is paid back plus interest. Rotations are important. How much travel is required or can you stay local. It can be expensive to move frequently during clinical year. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  12. That is great news! Average salaries are a little lower where we are and we are still a few months away from graduation so not many have secured jobs yet. My worry came from casual conversations with classmates about expected salaries. We had a lecture on contracts and negotiations a while ago and it seemed that some in my class were a little surprised to hear $80k should be a minimum not a target. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  13. I think the increasing amount of new graduates both PA and NP probably have some effect on holding down the average salary. In my program the average age was 27 but if you take out the half dozen oldest it would drop that down to 25 or less. They have graduated college, worked for a year or two as CNA, EMT or MA and so any salary over $60K is a lot of money. Couple that lack of experience with a lack of confidence in their true value and they could easily accept offers that are fairly low. Of course my wiser, older self has accepted an offer for $65K...it is a residency program I just hop
  14. How hungry are you to start PA school? How settled and happy are you with your life in Michigan? I dont think turning down the acceptance is a bad decision. No point starting the stress of PA school in a place you dont want to be at a school you have reservations about. Of course you need to be at peace with the fact you might reapply and not get in. Contact the schools where you are waitlisted and get feedback on what prevented them from offering you an accpetance. Improve your application with more clinical hours, although you have enough for most schools. Finally have a plan B..
  15. QoH I am not a practicing PA in the UK (I'm not even practicing in the USA, still a student) but I do have long term interest in moving to the UK. I have been keeping an eye on how things are developing with PAs over there. I'm not sure how you are connected to the UK so I will assume you have a work visa already figured out. The NHS is by far and away the largest employer in healthcare. There are private hospitals but I'm not sure if they use PAs. The NHS has been utilizing PAs increasingly and the number of PA schools has grown to about half a dozen or so. The UK PA association is part
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