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  1. Can't wait to meet you all too! Have you gotten your letters yet? I've been waiting for mine to come in the mail but nothing yet.
  2. I got a phone call today! Accepted! So excited and honored! For those of you not accepted or waitlisted don't give up. It's been a rough road and there were times I wanted to give up but hang in there. It took me 4 years of trying trust me I feel you guys!
  3. Received my rejection :/ I expected as much considering I hadn't heard anything. Best of luck to those who got accepted and waitlisted & good luck to the rest of us for next year!
  4. So awesome to those who got invites already..Congrats! I'm still waiting to hear, fingers crossed.
  5. So awesome brenny, Good luck to you! Also great to hear crimy3 that you enjoyed your interview.
  6. I was put on the waitlist too but have not heard anything either...I will keep the hope alive until they send me a letter or my status changes. Fingers crossed we hear something jspinner!
  7. I've also been waitlisted for an interview! Fingers crossed!!! Good luck everyone ????
  8. I also recieved my rejection letter last week, oh well....time to dust off and move forward. Best of luck to those who got accepted! I am also glad to have made it to the interview process like Deanj59 said, "happy to have been in the running." For those of you who didn't make it this year like myself, there is always next year...don't lose hope if this is really what you want to do.
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