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  1. Remember to always counter. In this case you can counter to your current job or the new allergy job offer. Counter for what you want and what you are worth. Add up the number of patients you are seeing times the billing codes. It's hard to subtract the expenses because they are shared but at least know what you are bringing in.. If you have never done it before it can be astounding. I recently found I was getting royally ripped off.
  2. Great counter. And make sure you put in the contract that they have to give you your collections in writing. So you are not trusting what they are giving you. Verify everything. And counter everything. Push for more. We are worth it. Believe me. I was severely underpaid for 2 yrs. And now that I see my collections I know exactly what my potential is.
  3. Counter with $90k plus 5 personal days to the 10 vacay days. I bet they will go for it.
  4. I posted this topic on the Huddle a while back but didn't get any replies. Trying again. My SP and I have different opinions on this therein lies the problem. I have worked in psychiatry for 2+ years but recently started in a new practice with a new SP (brand new-just finished her residency). When does a patient-provider relationship begin. And what causes that relationship to begin? The appointment being made? Doing the assessment? "Accepting them for care?" Providing them with a treatment plan? I have done assessments in the past and told patients that I could not help them for one
  5. You need more HCE if you don't know the answer to the question. It should be crystal-clear and obvious to you that you want to become a PA. If not-take the easy way out and go get an MD.
  6. Have been in the medical field since 2000. Have been a PA for 2 years. I'm middle aged and have run other businesses so have experience in terms of financials and management. I currently work as an IC in outpatient psychiatry. I want to start my own solo practice. i would like to rely heavily on technology, have zero or only 1 staff member and no other providers, and just one small office. (I think this is termed micropractice). Does anyone have such a practice and what are the biggest hurdles? Thanks
  7. Hey All, Need a little help with a negotiation. I currently work in an outpatient psychiatry clinic as an independent contractor. I work entirely on production. They use a complicated formula of collections minus expenses; but I usually end up taking home around 30-35% of my collection. I have interviewed with a new practice and just begun negotiations. They actually posted for a psychiatrist and offered a 70/30 for the doc. They asked me to tell them what I was seeking. Any deal over 30% is better than what I have had but I don't want to sell myself short. What I really want to
  8. I will share the other side of the argument, just so you all have something to think about. I had a bad work situation at a major hospital in my area. The manager was doing illegal things with billing and other unethical things happened. I left. I had a job offer with another practice in town. The offer was suddenly revoked just before I was to start. About 10 mos later I found out someone in the hospital was bad mouthing me (I'm pretty sure I know who). I called an attorney to find out if I should sue for slander or send a cease and desist letter. The lawyer and I spoke for a very long time o
  9. Has anyone been payed on RVU's? I will be getting an offer in psychiatry doing nursing home consultations (will be a part time job) but will be paid in RVU's. I don't know what the number will be. I have heard from one other PA that this is usually a disadvantage to the PA. What has everyone else heard/experienced? Thanks.
  10. Hi all, I graduated in Dec of last year. I started working in psychiatry immediately and am currently with my 2nd group. My current position is as a "partner" and I earn based upon my own collections minus expenses. So far, I have only earned one paycheck (since they are monthly) so don't have a good reference for what I earn --just building my practice. Just yesterday the medical director told me that the current neuropsych PA is leaving (he is moving). He offered me the position but we will discuss details next week. The position is salaried. I wonder if you all can give me an idea for
  11. PA for 25+ years and just now deciding to get out of clinical practice? That baffles me. But if you have that much experience, go teach. There are a million new PA schools opening.
  12. GatorGirl


    Just wondering how PsyD are referred to in mixed clinical practice where there are MD's, PhD psychologists, NP's, PA, and MSW/LCSW. Obviously they have earned the clinical doctorate, but to avoid patient confusion it would seem that there would be a better way to refer to them than "doctor". Also, many therapist do a good job of building patient trust by using their first name. Of course, I'm building an argument. But I'm still asking for other opinions and experience. Thanks. :)
  13. I was pretty much applicant 2 in the above scenarios except that I always knew I wanted to work in medicine, with 11 yrs HCE at a large and very reputable academic institution. I was microbiology major, had some publications, all my proper pre-reqs, and good GRE's and GPA. My courses were beginning to get old (almost 10 yrs). During my exit interview from school I was told that they considered the fact that I was older and would have a short career. Ironic that immediately after graduation 3-4 of my 26 female classmates are NOT practicing in order to start families. I'm working full time since
  14. Move to NC. We have an extremely favorable work environment here. My first offer out of school, was a psych job taking home 50% of what we collect. My second is taking home 60% plus I am a partner in the business. They know what PA's are worth in NC and treat us accordingly.
  15. I would LOVE to work in urgent care on weekends once things settle down.
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