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  1. Thank you so much for your input and your personal experience in this field. I'm really interested in hormones and the different diseases that can occur if an hormone is not functioning properly. So was it easier for you to find a job in that field since a lot of people tend to gear towards general medicine and/or er?
  2. Great advice and keep up the good work on encouraging and giving hope to people who gets discourage!
  3. Well I guess I answered my own question... http://www.mdc.edu/main/news/articles/2010/11/mdc_physician_assistant_students_claim_f.aspx
  4. Hello, I just sent you a big email but it says your inbox is full. I have a business degree and have my own business however medicine is my passion so I will be attending PA school next yr and would like to own a PA practice. Please add me to your list andr5522@aol.com. Thank you
  5. Anyone in this specialty? How do you like it? Any info would be nice
  6. Yeah I just realized after I posted my reply. Oh well maybe it can inform someone else.
  7. There's always a lot of posting for them at Bethesda hospital ( boynton beach it's in palm beach county) I also know va always looking for some as well ( located in riviera beach that's in pb county ) and other va is in miami. There's plenty hospitals down in pb county so I'm sure you will have no problem finding something. Congrats to you! I have a long road ahead of me I'm going to start pa program next yr I have to take my pre req science this yr and get some hce. I'm a major/career changer, I obtained my bba in mgmt minor health admin in 2010. Its really sad that there are no pa schools in pb county where I am, I have to drive about 1 hr 1/2 to another county for the schools. Let me know if you have any suggestions for hce I know about er tech or emt-b but courses take too long down here (3 months) and next one is May. I'm trying to get started ASAP while I take my pre req
  8. Hello I'm new to this forum so happy I found it , I hear so many different perspective and advices. I'm doing a complete career change , I obtained my bba in management minor in health admin in 2010. Needless to say this was when employment/ economy was horrible . I left my supervisor job ( worked in a durable medical equipment for diabetes) I was a documentation specialist supervisor for 7 yrs had little to no interaction with patients they sometime come in the office and I had to show them how to use the meters and/ or other equipements . There was no room to grow and since I obtained my degree, I went and worked for the state at dcf ( worse mistake ever) this job was strictly clerical and I felt like I was moving backwards in my career and not advancing. I left after 4 months... anyways to make a long story short I want to pursue a pa in endocrinology or pathology bc that is what I've always been so passionate about I want to know how does something in your body occurs and flares or how diseases happen what hormones deficiency is causing this defect and how it can be cured. I'm more into managing it the natural approach rather than medicine although I do think medicine should be use in some situations. I thought about being a do but I'm more interested in pa. So I have to take all my science pre req since I don't have any , I need to get hce ASAP ( will take classes while doing that) based on all 4-5 ( dont remember not tooany schools though especially none in palm beach where i stay)fl schools that have the pa program miami dade college is the only one that seem to make sense to me. I also already have an aa degree, with miami dade I will be a pa but with an AS. I saw in one post not this forum but someone graduated from there with a pa and started out making 100k!! It just sounded unbelievable to me. My question is have you or know anyone who received their pa from miami dade college? I was told it doesn't matter where you got your pa they are so in demand drs are needing them ASAP ? Since I worked at a dme would that count towards my hce if not what can I do to quickly have hce emt and er tech around here (pb county) are 3 months and I'm trying to do everything by the end of this yr so I can start next yr if there is nothing shorter than 3 months courses I guess I have no choice but I've seen in some post other states have a weekend or a week emt-b er tech courses. Any pointers or suggestions will help. Thank you I know it's going to be challenging but I'm ready, excited and just want to get this rolling ASAP bc I heard that pa program at miami dade will terminate in 2020.
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