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  1. Thank you JohhnyM2, I think my letters of recommendation are pretty good. One was from the Ortho PA, one from a Doctor of Physical Therapy (one of my past employers) and I can get 2 of the surgeons that I currently work for to write really good letters for me. They both want me to succeed on becoming a PA. Since I have used that Ortho PA's letter of recommendation twice, I am planning to shadow another PA and hopefully make a good impression so he/she can potentially be a reference as well. As for my personal statement, the first one was really great, The opening was a scene from a hospital wh
  2. I am definitely going to apply early for the upcoming cycle, it was a huge mistake on my part not to before. As for the GRE, when I was applying for the first time, I was many targeting schools in NY most of which did not require a GRE. I am planning to target more schools this time around and will definitely take the GRE. Should I retake science courses that I did not do well on or take different ones like Baroneous in post #2 suggested? I appreciate your input.
  3. Hi there! I am planning to reapply to PA schools for the third time now for the 2014-2015 cycle. First time I applied, I got one interview and unfortunately didn't get in. Second time I applied very late in the application cycle and didn't get any interviews. I have a B.S. in Biology from a CUNY, Science GPA of 2.98 (which sucks because many schools want 3.0 and higher), overall GPA 3.25 (after CASPA calculations). I have taken all of the pre requisites for the program. Planning to take a GRE since that increases the number of schools I can apply to. I do have an "F" on my transcript
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