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  1. I attended the first interview this cycle (Nov 13) and was the only out of state student, it was intimidating to say the least. Got my acceptance letter the next day though, thankfully as I'm a reapplicant. With that being said, I truly believe TTUHSC considers all applicants regardless of residency, but most applicants are from Texas anyway so that's why the low acceptance rate from out of state students. Good luck everyone and don't be discouraged if you are an out of state applicant :). I'm from New Mexico btw!
  2. Hi, I was accepted this year thank goodness. But last year's experience consisted of a alternate letter within a week from the interview (snail mail, no email).. So I'm thinking whether automatically accepted or not they notify interviewers quickly so it's convenient if planning is in order. Best of luck to you!
  3. Ahhhhh received my acceptance email today too!!!!!! What a relief :)!!!! Congratulations to my future cohort!
  4. Congratulations see you next Thursday!!!! :) Ahhhh just a few more days....so excited & so nervous. Best of luck everyone
  5. Congratulations Tbingold!!!!! I went with November 13th, can't wait! Best of luck to you!
  6. Yes, confirmation email to follow a couple of days later :)! Congrats guys, & hoping we are all part of the next PA Cohert!! I will be there November 13th
  7. Thank you, & can definitely relate that wait is nerve wrecking!!!! I sent in my supplemental early August, and CASPA was verified August 26th I believe. I'm a re-applicant, IDK if that makes a difference, but last year I didn't hear back until November for an interview. Best of luck to you!!!!
  8. Hey guys, started a new topic, but got an interview invite this afternoon! who else?
  9. Finally!!!! Received an interview invite this afternoon!!!! Who else?!
  10. I am from lea county, a bordering county of texas and as an undergrad student was granted in-state tuition due to a waiver they offer for specific bordering counties. Is it possible they consider people this close to the border as "in state?" I live 5 minutes away from the Texas border but if the school is required to choose mostly texas residents im nervous my chances of getting in are slim to none :/...this will be my 2nd time applying. Best of luck everyone!
  11. I have a GRE question. I took it once already but would like to take it once more. Does TTU receive gre scores after you submit your CASPA Application? The people at Tech were unsure since this is new to their application process, but CASPA website says they receive scores after you submit and schools can veiw as long as its received within their deadline or something like that??? Idk, anyone know how that works? Thankd in advance
  12. I am also reapplying next cycle. Were any of you affected by the prerequisite change? All sciences now have to be from spring 2008 & earlier. I was expecting sring of 2007 so im having to retake a few this summer :/, makes me feel old i took gen chem 1 & 2 & genetics so long ago. I too was waitlisted this past cycle, hopefully this is our year to be Red Raiders :)!
  13. Thanks so much for your reply. And its true, this profession takes persistence and a special person to do it, I'm very glad for you and will get to work on your suggestions immediately. Be it this year or in the future, I'll keep working towards being a PA. Best wishes to you & thanks for continuing to post.
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