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  1. Counting down the days until January! Can't wait to be a Mercer PA.

  2. rachridge

    Class of 2017

    Last I checked 48 students had been accepted.
  3. rachridge

    Questions about GRE

    I have a 3.78 Gpa and scored a 311. I was accepted to 2 of the 3 schools I applied to, so you should be fine.
  4. rachridge

    Class of 2017

    How was your overall GPA/GRE. Did you have to retake any classes? What kind of patient care experience did you have? I can't really think of any other reasons.
  5. rachridge

    Class of 2017

    I interviewed on the 26th of February and was accepted a few days after. The interview process was very laid back and the the faculty were all great. Can't wait to meet everyone in October.
  6. rachridge

    2013 Applicants

    I just withdrew from my seat last week due to another acceptance. Someone on the wait list should probably be hearing something soon!
  7. rachridge

    Mercer University class of 2017

    I interviewed last week as well. We must have interviewed together. I recieved my acceptance today! Good luck!
  8. rachridge

    2013 Applicants

    Received my acceptance call/ email today!
  9. Has anyone applying to start in jan 2015 heard anything back about receiving an interview?
  10. Has anyone been interviewed by mercer university for the class beginning jan 2015?

  11. rachridge

    2013 Applicants

    I believe that the January interviews were the last round. I'm not 100%, but I believe that's what they said.
  12. rachridge

    2013 Applicants

    I am scheduled to interview Jan 9th. GPA: 3.78 Science GPA: 3.57 GRE: 311 Patient care hours: 2,000 volunteer hours: 200 I went on a medical missions trip to Honduras and shadowed in an ER for a semester. My patient care experience includes acute care and postpartum mother baby. Any advice for the interview process?

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