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  1. Hi all - wondering if anyone else got the interview invite for Oct 22nd? And if anyone has any recommendations as to where to stay in Portland. Planning on coming out for a couple days to check out the area!
  2. Had the interview yesterday and was accepted as well! :)
  3. Just curious if anyone has received interview invites?
  4. Thanks to both of you for the responses! Very helpful!
  5. Hi all - I'm looking into doing some mission trips, for a week or two at some point during the year. I am not currently a medical professional and have found it difficult to find organizations that are interested in having volunteers that are non-medical. Wondering if anyone has had experience with this? and some potential recommendations as to what organizations to go through? Thank you!!
  6. Hello all, I'm looking for opportunities to shadow some PAs in the Boulder/Denver area. I have a significant amount of patient care hours already but was hoping to gain some more and work with PAs in various fields to learn a bit more about the different specialties out there. Any information in regards to shadowing opportunities in this area would be more than appreciated! Thank you!
  7. I've read the last interview is Oct 20th thus far? Anyone know if they're still sending out invites? I didn't submit my application until August
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