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  1. Hi, Did you just apply this opening CASPA on the 22nd?
  2. I sign up for a course at suffolk county community college in NY. It nutrition concepts and I am just curious if this would be considered science or a non science course. Also, do PA school look at nutrition courses?
  3. I am just curious if I can use my position as a medical scribe as HCE?
  4. Even, if I earned zero credits due to withdrawal cause of medical reason?
  5. I transferred from 3 different schools... Can I submit 2 of 3 schools into CASPA? The first school was only a brief semester, the other two schools I earned my associate and BA.
  6. Does anyone know of online classes for; immunology, pathophysiology or even pharmacology?
  7. I am looking to apply to St John's program this coming cycle and I would just like to know how I competitive I am.
  8. Thank you Joelseff for your response! I am currently retaking courses and gaining HCE! Any other advice would be greatly appreciated
  9. My stats are the same way... however, i am just beginning to take classes; what classes did you take? any responses back?
  10. To those who applied for Touro recently; I am interested in pursuing this program and would like some advice. How are your GPA stats? How is your HCE? Also, any suggestion to who I may contact about their admission student profile?
  11. Hi, Afters a career not in medicine, I want to pursue a new degree within Physician Assistant studies. I have a low GPA of a 2.2 from my bachelor's degree in Psychology. I understand there are requirements in certain courses which I understand I have. So, do I.... 1) re-take my science courses to get a higher grade? 2) is there a difference in taking courses at a community college vs. a post-bacc. from a 4-year school? 3) do I further my degree in Psychology; to earn a masters and try to apply for a PA program to show that my grades have improved? Thank you
  12. Thank you for the comment JohnnnyM2 & IDrunner11. Yes, I did submit it already but, if things don't go the way I want them, than I will resubmit with those comments for the next cycle!
  13. The smell of the freshly-cut grass, the heat from the sun on my face and the scent of my leather glove are some of the aspects of baseball that I love. Since I was a young boy, I always participated in sports; the physical fulfillment and the harmony of my team always drew me in. A blessing for a son, who was adopted from an impoverished country and was given a rare opportunity. All this changed when I suffered major trauma to my arm, and this was my first encounter with the medical community. After receiving local anesthesia, I watched as the Nurse, MD and Physician Assistant (PA) treated my
  14. Is it too late to apply for Touro Manhattan by the deadline?
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