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  1. New grad here in FM at a practice with an inhouse lab. Any "rules of thumb" that you use for when to order a CBC? Abnormal vital signs, co-morbidities, etc.? Some of the other providers seem to order one on everyone with the sniffles and inevitably they will have a "bacterial shift". Speaking of which, is there any clinical data on "shifts". What cutoff do you use? Some providers use greater than 60 grans, others use greater than 65. Thanks for your input.
  2. For those working in pain management: Have you changed your practices at all since the opioid epidemic has been getting so much media attention recently? If so, how? Do any of you have good strategies that you have developed for patients on long acting opioids who come in complaining of a new acute injury every visit (ex. tooth pain, minor MVA, laceration, fall, etc.) that they claim their usual medication is not controlling? At your clinics do patients typically see the same provider? If you are seeing another provider's patient how do you handle it? Do you change the treatment plan to fit how you practice or do you keep the same treatment plan since it is the first time you are seeing them? I appreciate any and all responses. Thanks
  3. Thanks for all of the tips. My EMR allows shorthand (aka dot phrases) so I have been using a lot of those. Because I am new I have been using the standard templates but I think I need to customize them to make them even more efficient. It does definitely depend on the MA too - some of them are awesome and I barely have anything to add to or change in the HPI.
  4. I am a new graduate working in rural family medicine. I am struggling to find the balance between efficient yet complete documentation and was wondering if anyone had any tips or tricks that they use and find helpful. Thanks in advance!
  5. Undergrad School: Clemson University Major: Biological Sciences Minor: Business Administration CASPA Cumulative Undergraduate GPA: 3.40 CASPA Science Undergraduate GPA: 3.35 Post Bacc GPA: 4.0 for 12 hrs CASPA Overall GPA: 3.46 CASPA Overall Science GPA: 3.44 Age at application time: 25 GRE: 165 Verbal (95%), 155 Quant (61%), 5.5 Writing (97%) Application Submitted Date: June 18, 2014 Direct Patient Care Experience (type & hours at time of application): Emergency Room Technician 2500 hrs Health Related Certifications: NREMT-Basic, BLS for Healthcare Providers Health Care Shadowing: Emergency Medicine PA 40 hrs Other Health Care Experience: EMT clinicals 50 hrs Research Experience: None Community Service: Alternate Spring Break Program 100 hrs Schools Applied (7 total): University of Tennessee Health Science Center, South University Savannah, University of Florida, East Carolina University, Wingate University, Duke University, University of South Alabama Interview Invites (6 total): University of Tennessee Health Science Center, South University Savannah, University of Florida, East Carolina University, Wingate University, Duke University (was selected off of the interview waitlist) Waitlist to Interview: Duke University Withdrew Application: University of South Alabama Interviews Attended (3 total): University of Tennessee Health Science Center, South University Savannah, University of Florida Denied: University of Tennessee Health Science Center Waitlisted: South University Savannah (the class had already been filled before my interview), University of Florida Accepted: South University Savannah Attending: South University Savannah Attempt: 2nd As many others have mentioned, applying early is crucial. The first time I applied I waited until the application deadline in order to get as many clinical hours as possible. By the time I applied, the class was already full and they were not offering any more interviews. Other things that I did to stand out the second time around: - took two additional classes: microbiology and medical terminology - retook two classes: anatomy and physiology II and college chemistry I - shadowed a PA - had the PA that I shadowed send an additional letter of recommendation directly to the schools - worked really hard on my narrative. Most of my interviewers commented on how insightful and honest my narrative was and I think it played a large part in why I was invited to interviews. My advice is to be honest with yourself about the strengths and weaknesses of your application. Highlight your strengths and work hard to improve on the weaker aspects. I knew that my GPA was not as competitive due to mistakes that I had made as an immature college freshman. I decided to retake classes that I had received lower grades in and to take additional classes in order to pull up my GPA. I also openly and honestly addressed my GPA in my narrative which my interviewers appreciated and respected. Finally, do not disregard a school before you go to an interview. I was underwhelmed at schools that I thought I would love and I adored schools that I had written off as my last choices. Go to the interview with an open mind and go with your gut when choosing a program. Good luck!
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