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  1. Has anyone recertified as a Paramedic in Florida utilizing credits from PA school? Someone told me this was possible, curious how to go about that.
  2. I will be graduating in May of this year. I have heard from some that i should apply for temporary licensing prior to taking the PANCE. Should i be doing anything right now to prepare for licensing after the PANCE or just take the PANCE then follow the steps afterwards? Licensing in the state of Florida for my previous career was a bit of a headache so any "lessons learned" about licensing for PA would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  3. I am beginning to look into review books for the PANCE. Any recommendations?
  4. A friend of mine was asking me about my PA education... She is an RN herself. She was saying that "There is a program starting next month, i think ill start that one with a friend of mine"... Is this really how easy it is to get into NP school and become an NP??? They dont have to apply to a school, beat out other applicants, do an interview...? They just sign up and start? I am surprised the AMA is ok with this type of assembly line training of providers. Please tell me it is not that easy.
  5. Yes! He has several free ones on YouTube. The best resource i have found by far.
  6. This sort of statement about teachers and teaching..i wonder if you actually know any teachers or are these things you heard on TV?? Tenure...except for big cities, its going away. High pay... LOL except for a few big cities...try less than 40K. Great benefits... lol nothing to say there... Constant abuse from lawmakers, parents, kids and people like yourself...I wonder why anyone wants to teach anymore. Yes the system is messed up, but to say these things about teachers is ridiculous. I don't think you (or I) could last an entire year in the working conditions these teachers do. Yes, of course they made the decision to do it and thankfully they did or you wouldn't be able to put the letters together to make your uneducated statement. Please, turn off the television and ask some teachers about their jobs before making such ridiculous statement ever again.
  7. So, was no one excepted this year? Surprised, no one seems excited about being accepted!
  8. Hello Rachel, We began hearing back from UND about interviews in late October. I think I got an email about an interview Oct 22. You'll get an email either way, so if you havnt heard anything then they have not sent anything out. The interviews are conducted through a Skype type of program some time in November and they send acceptance/ rejection letters mid December. Good luck! Chad Class of 2016
  9. Orlando Florida here. At least you will be prepared for the cold weather!
  10. Congrats Eric. I'm glad to see fellow classmates are finding this board finally. Anyone know how big the class will be?
  11. Thanks for the advise Parker. I plan on doing the Facebook page when we get the roster. Hopefully we'll be able to get a lot of the class connected before May. How were your first couple of semesters?
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