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  1. I sent my supplemental in end of october early november. They were busy with manhattan applications that's why I received an interview for early feb. They will probably be in touch with you soon because I know many people submitted their supplemental in january and got interviews. Good luck!
  2. I think the number to call is 1-866-TOURO-4U. That's the number I always call. I don't know any other number.
  3. I applied to both Bayshore and Manhattan with bayshore being my first choice. I think it depends on your coursework. I was still doing statistics when I applied last semester so they didn't call me at all for manhattan which was frustrating because I paid for that campus as well haha. I only received an interview for bayshore. @PbagJones Congrats!!!!! :) What did you like about this school?
  4. Did you go for the interview yesterday (2/10/2014)?? I agree with PbagJones make sure you know WHY you want to be a P.A. As I was answering, they recited something from my essay and I was shocked because they know everything. You can clearly tell they have read your application thoroughly. I felt embarrassed when I said something and one of the interviewers was like "That's necessarily not true" then she talked about her story. I thought that was the end but I was confident in my answers so don't feel nervous just respond calmly and confidently. They can tell everything from the way you speak and your facial expressions. @Soniax26..hmm I'm not sure why they said that to you. I received an e-mail approximately 2 weeks ago for the interview yesterday. Who did you speak to?
  5. I think they are doing interviews until end of Feb. I'm not sure. Good luck though :) you can always call them and ask about the status on your application.
  6. No I had it with bayshore I posted on wrong thread haha! The interview wasn't bad. When you go there you wait and they take you upstairs. I was interviewed by two people. One was I think the admission coordinator and she was also a P.A, another girl was a graduate from Touro who was working as a P.A and I think she was also working at admissions I'm not sure. They had a 3 page packet and whenever I answered a question they would take notes on their packet. They asked me many basic questions as well as few scenarios. (They know your Caspa application and even your essay so make sure you remember what you wrote in your application). They also asked me couple of questions from my transcript. Anyways good luck to people who still have interviews coming up! If you have any additional questions you can always ask me :)
  7. Hello, I know there are many topics on this forum about this but they seem to be pretty old. I have found many negative things only about the Touro PA Program. I just wanted to get honest opinion about the PA program from current students or past students. Many people say that at the end it doesn't matter what PA program you go to. I don't know how much of it is true. I was looking at best graduate schools list for the PA program and touro wasn't on the list as far as I remember. However, many of my friends said that it IS a good program. Please tell me what they have to offer. I know that PA school is hard but is the faculty nice and helpful enough to teach you and help you when you need it? What resources are available for students? Do they have a cadaver lab? Etc. Will you pick another program over this one? Thank you :)
  8. I actually have an Interview today. How did your interview go? Any suggestions? How's the school and the program? Thankyou!!
  9. Thankyou :) and I have a 3.55 Science GPA with 50 shadowing hours from a P.A and 25 from an M.D. I have volunteered at both the hospital and a clinic so have approximately 800 hours.
  10. I have an interview tomorrow (Feb 10). Does anyone else have an interview tomorrow? Also, did some of you already interview there? How's the school like? What questions can they ask. Thanks for any response :)
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