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  1. Well it's a great job. It's not just the money. They pay well, but the important thing it's the human touch. If you are social, this is a great opportunity to become a real angel.
  2. I'm aware it's competitive, and they tend to focus on individuals with a lot of med experience. Am I comp? I plan on applying to all the schools that don't require the GRE. What are the chances of getting accepted?
  3. Huh get a mac but get it with microsoft word instead of pages.....macs are reliable i got one and it never gets viruses or frezzes or anything of that nature...!
  4. Well I'm currently taking a sophmore level principles of A&P class as a review, and I spend 30 minutes a day reviewing med term flash cards. I'm interested in any tips on other things I could be doing to prepare for what I know will be a difficult year...
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