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  1. JohnT

    New PANCE 2019

    I did not as I had no previous knowledge that they were added to the exam.
  2. JohnT

    2019 PANCE

    The professional issues part was something I was not aware would be on the test.
  3. JohnT

    New PANCE 2019

    I can't compare as I have only taken one version
  4. Hypothetically speaking if you had a strong desire to move far away, how would you go about making it happen? Move out to the area first and then begin your search?
  5. JohnT

    Verbal offer

    I would also greatly appreciate some advice as to what to ask about/for in my next discussion with this employer. Thank you
  6. What is the lowest end of the psych and family medicine specialty pay?
  7. JohnT

    Poem for personal statement?

    Certainly not recommended. Stick to explaining from the heart your desire to become a PA and why you chose PA over any other profession in health care. I would be off-put as a person on the admissions board if I were to be reading a poem regardless of how poignant it may be.
  8. JohnT

    Looking to purchase HippoEd

    Am willing to spend $200 for subscription
  9. I think your introduction is awesome. Good job mentioning the reason for the downturn in your grades but emphasizing how these experiences have made you stronger. Also, I would extend the conclusion a bit and touch on some of the points made earlier in your essay. Someone on here posted this structure which I found helpful: 1. Introduction- Includes example that grabs audience's attention and showcases why you want to be a PA( make sure your intro has purpose throughout essay) 2. Paragraph 2- How you were interested in the profession 3. Paragraph 3- Summary of healthcare experience and how it relates to PA 4. Paragraph 4- Continuation and possible goals as a PA 5. Conclusion- Highlight previous points made in every paragraph and show how they relate.
  10. Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to review my essay.
  11. Hey everyone, this is my first draft. Thanks for taking time to help!
  12. if I were to earn A's in all of my needed science classe, what are my chances for getting accepted to PA school after graduation?
  13. what are my chances for getting accepted to PA school after graduation?

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