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  1. m5z361- I don't see any reason why there would be a date change from 2/27. It takes a lot of planning to make these interview weekends happen. Trust what Tik says. Guluck. What is a PA anyway? Why do you want to be one? Why do you want to go to SMU? All questions you should be able to comfortably answer..... I'm in Tik's class.
  2. Hey all, I am a first year at SMU. Life is good. I don't have an answer about when the invites will come, I know the faculty is still going over the 3,000 apps that were submitted. That's ~30% more than last year btw...and I have heard that the interviews will be all after the new year. I know this is later than many of the other programs, but that's just the way the faculty runs it here. I don't see that changing. I can tell you the program is awesome and the best advice I have for you is try and relax? Additionally-in the off chance that you don't matriculate into a progr
  3. I start PA school this fall, and I am extremely excited. Extremely excited! In my program, after 4 semesters of preclinical studies, we will rotate through 7 clerkships, and finish with 2 elective rotations. I expect that during school, my experiences will shape my decisions-but I am unable to resist the urge to plan now. I look at these extra rotations as an opportunity to refine my top-choices for specialty, if I haven't already. Here are the 7: Family Medicine Clerkship Internal Medicine Clerkship General Surgery Clerkship Pediatric Clerkship Geriatric Clerkship
  4. I'll trade you sptl102. Got 28:61. Yuck. Why such a long list? I can't imagine them making it down to me. Moving on to next year, more targets and pre-reqs. Suhweet.
  5. Nope. Interviewed on 1/25 and I assume they are running behind. Not much to do but wait. Oh and be very jealous of the few who already heard good news...
  6. I'm going to be there this Friday for sure. Safe travels.
  7. Got a phone call on Wednesday late afternoon for an interview on the 25th. Stoked. Good luck all...
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