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  1. Hey!! I interviewed then and haven't heard back. I've been checking my email so much haha. I asked when we should hear back and they said 7-10 days but looking back at old posts it seemed like everyone heard the Tuesday after!
  2. I interviewed in Miami Shores last Friday the 7th and was wait listed as well :(
  3. I called two days ago because I'm in the same boat! They said the class isn't full yet and they will still be offering interview invites into February :)
  4. Has anyone heard back from December interviews (mine was Dec.16) or know when we should be hearing back? :) Thank you!
  5. Hey! I think if you get accepted you get a phone call and if not you get an email. Good luck!
  6. Hey! I interviewed Nov. 21 for the January 2015 start date. I called and they said we should hear back sometime during the beginning of January!
  7. Hi! I forgot but do you get a phone call if you get waitlisted or denied as well, or just acceptances? I interviewed Dec 5
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