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  1. oh really that is hopeful !! Thank you so much for the update
  2. Thanks for keeping us updated! I was waitlisted.
  3. I hope you are doing okay ! The fires this year are out of control. It looks really bad, like a sky of orange with ash. Everyone that lives in Oregon praying for you guys.
  4. Nothing on my end either, I was thinking today would be the day. Maybe they are super impacted with the fires .
  5. Good luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow
  6. I submitted my application mid June and today received the verified email from the program.
  7. Did you receive a waitlist ranking at that time?
  8. I received the same email, for consideration of the next interview date. Has there been anyone that was placed on consideration for the earlier interview dates and got invited for an interview this round?
  9. Submitted my supplemental application on the 4th !
  10. Applicants must earn a "C" or better in prerequisite courses, and they must be completed at a regionally accredited institution by Oct. 1. This is what it states on the website, so I believe your class and verification would not be done by Oct 1st.
  11. Yes I received an email on March 4th saying that my application was complete and everything was received for the application file requirements with a table noting yes on all the prerequisites. I just checked my junk email right now as well. Maybe I should email Erin Suit ?
  12. I haven't received anything from the school rejection or interview invite . I am starting to think I got lost in the crowd. For those who got rejections did your landing page change to reflect that? Should I email the school and see where I stand what do you guys think?
  13. I am using this email paga@campbell.edu. I used this email last cycle when applied and someone responded.
  14. I emailed about the Fee wavier on 06/19/20 and I have not heard anything back as well. I already submitted my CASPA application.
  15. I submitted my verified application on 06/23/20 and received an email for supplemental today 06/26/20. Good luck everyone!
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