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  1. Hello, I just graduated with Bachelor's in Biology at UCSD. It has not been long since I've learned about PA and that I realized that this was what I do for my life. But because I decided on this a little later than I should, I am lost. I still have about a year sequence of prerequisite courses to fulfill and about 2000 hours of direct care ( I am thinking about getting a certificate @riverside community college-- considering the prerequisites, tuition, distance of the program, but where I go does not really matter as long as I can afford the tuition.) I really wish to get a paid direct patient care job (because I am financially independent) but most of them I researched are either volunteering jobs or require certificate. Other than CCE (for it is only for 3months), do I have any other options? I also considered getting a certificate but I see they are all time consuming programs. So my questions are: is there a relatively short term certificates for direct care jobs? or is there a paid direct care jobs that count towards PA requirements? Thank you!
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