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  1. Same here man. My pre-req GPA is great, but I have some arbitrary biology classes that bring it down (like plant biology and Ecology). I'd say the boost would definitely help.
  2. No link to the study he's citing? Maybe if he wants everyone to be "doctors" there should be a reform to make it look more appealing to the undergrad students that are already racking up debt with insane interest rates. It's sad that there's students out there that divert to nursing or the PA route, not because of the career itself, but because it's cheaper and makes "just as decent money." This issue won't be resolved by impeding the autonomy of mid-level providers.
  3. I agree with rev. I'm in a similar predicament as you, but decided to wait till next year. It's just not worth putting all that effort in your application when you can do it in a year and have a more complete profile along with additional hours of HCE.
  4. I'd say go with the EMT-B route and see where it leads. Who knows, by the time you're done with pre-reqs and are ready to apply, you might be hired as a ER tech or even wanna train as a paramedic.
  5. I never really thought about being interviewed by someone other than a PA so I'd say you're right. Thanks for the advice.
  6. I was gonna be honest and say that my parents don't support it because they stubbornly want me to be a doctor. I'd use my experiences to display why I prefer PA over the MD route, despite their opposition.
  7. I'd say call the programs that have the higher HCE threshold and ask them if pharm tech qualifies. Depending on their answer, you should act accordingly.
  8. Hear me out here: I'm one of those young applicants a lot of members on this forum would urge to go to medical school instead of a PA program. However, I feel confident enough that I'm passionate enough to embark on this career rather than being a doctor. Now for my actual question: My whole life I was pushed by my parents to be a doctor. My cousin is a doctor, my uncle is a doctor, etc. Would using my parents encouragement for me to become a doctor to juxtapose why I chose this route make a good personal statement or would it raise a red flag to the acom no matter how it's executed? I'm
  9. Which science courses have you taken and gotten crappy grades in? Because I don't see how 4 courses can boost a 0.91 to a 3.75. Wait till the next cycle so you can get some experience. Get your EMT/CNA cert and get some HCE hours because volunteering won't cut it. Pharm tech is hit or miss with PA programs, if I recall correctly from older threads.
  10. What I like about PA programs is that they factor in so many things before they make a decision. Ranges from your GPA to your pre-req GPA to how strong your LORs are. Someone on this forum has posted once, it's not about having everything, but having a strong enough package by compensating in other ways. I can relate to you in that my GPA isn't that high (3.25) and many posters here have a 3.5+, but I'm hoping my 4000 hours of HCE will land me somewhere.
  11. This thread is freaking me out
  12. Cell bio isn't even a pre-req; don't worry about it. Also, your GPA is pretty good and your HCE is also solid, so it should offset that one grade.
  13. I'll try to get one from the PA I'm shadowing, but like I said, one from the chiro I work for would shine compared to any other one.
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