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  1. Thank you! I did see this one! I am definitely applying! Any other recommendations?
  2. I have a big interest in wound care. Looking for a center that might take on PAs. I haven't been able to find much as far as job searches online. I was hoping someone might have a MD or PA contact. Looking for contacts in GA or NC. Thanks! Megan
  3. Congrats to those accepted!!! Welcome to the Emory family! There is a Emory class of 2018 FB. Please feel free to friend me once you make you're way there. If you have any questions let me know! I'm a student in the class of 2016, so you prob won't see to much of me once you start, but I know the Class of 2017'ers are awesome and super helpful!!! For those waitlisted, don't lose faith! There were people in my class, and the class of 2017 that came off the wait list. Best, Megan
  4. Hi MNPA, I'm a current second year at Emory, so I won't be interviewing, but I will be a greeter for the interviewees that day! Be sure to introduce yourself! See you soon! Megan
  5. I'm a greeter that day Hermes! They have a student come in and chat with you first thing in the morning. (Don't worry we are not part of the interview! Lol). Make sure to introduce yourself! I'm Megan :) good luck!
  6. Congrats Rallen!!! You will love it here! Enjoy the interview process! Everyone here is great!
  7. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think they have sent any out yet :) I don't know anything for sure, but my best educated guess is that it will be another few weeks, at least, before they start sending invites out (then again it could be 3 days from now, so don't hold me to anything).... We have a ton going on here during the next couple of weeks... Good luck everyone!
  8. I'm not 100% sure. The new incoming class (C/O2017) starts August 3rd, so they may wait to bring interviewees in until after the first week of their orientation. That initial week is crazy for the faculty, so I would see it being way to difficult to do both those things at the same time :) That being said, they usually send out their invites a month ahead of time so you can make travel arrangements (at least they did with mine). Educated guess, don't hold me to it (they don't let students in on their super secret admissions process), I would say they would start sending invites mid-July or the end of July. They are changing things up this year too. So things will be different than I had them for my interview process. So if you don't hear anything right away don't get nervous.... Again, I don't know anything for sure. This is just my guess! Good luck! Megan
  9. Hi Everyone! I'm a current PA Student at Emory University! I know most of you have probably submitted your CASPA already, but if you have questions about CASPA or Emory, please feel free to message me! I had someone help me with my questions and concerns, so I promised myself that when I got into PA school I would do the same for someone else! It would be my honor to help. Hope to see you during the interview process this fall! Good Luck!! Megan
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