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  1. AREID and Paula thanks for your advice and for sharing your experiences. Paula, your story gives me hope that if i work really hard and pay my dues it is possible and maybe even likely that I have a nice stable decent paying job as a PA in the future. I feel that I could be happy as a PA or as a physician and years from now I can have hours that I would be happy with in either career path, But it makes more sense to stay on the path that I am on now. The school where I will attend has a double major available, where I can take online classes after competing and maybe some during my rotations
  2. Areid, Thanks for giving me your perspective. I would love to have a set up like you have when I enter the workforce. You make a good point about my not even having the prereqs all done for med school and by the time I do have them completed and I've been accepted, I would be probably 29 or 30 and I'm not super excited about being a new med school grad at age 38 with a ton of debt, but I would rather be that than be a PA going back to to get my DO while in my 40s. Don't get me wrong I have carefully and methodically made the decision to become a PA, however, recently I have been hearing about
  3. I appreciate your advice and I feel the same way you described you felt. I wish I had a time machine that would send me 10 years into the future so I could ask future me if I made the right choice, but the uncertainty of the future is what life is all about. I have read other topics that are similar to my situation but none that are the same. I guess i'm mostly looking to hear the experiences of current PAs or those who know PAs who have shared their experience regarding satisfaction with work hours and family time compared to docs they know or work with.
  4. I'm a 28 year old male and I have just been accepted to a great PA school and I will start in June. After shadowing a PA friend I felt like the career is great and a good fit for me. I am married and plan to start having kids in the next year or two and my wife will be a stay at home mom. I want to be there for my kids when they are young and as they grow up, and not tied down by my career. I definitely feel that medicine is the right choice for me and my personality and I believe i will be a good PA, However lately I have wondered if the DO route may in the long term give me more time to spen
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