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  1. That looks perfect, thank you so much! Have you heard anything about it before?
  2. I went to the EM Bootcamp in Vegas this December and loved it. I was wondering if anyone can recommend other worthwhile conferences for Emergency Medicine. I'm a fairly new grad, and brand new to EM, so the more learning, the better. The only other one I'm familiar with is SEMPA's conference. Wasn't sure what folks thought about that one. Thanks for any advice!
  3. Don't let your age dictate what career you want. PA vs MD can both be done young or old. Just because you're in your 20s doesn't mean you're selling yourself short by going to PA school instead of med school. It's a personal choice-- they're different professions.
  4. UPDATE: I've had 3 shifts back at my urgent care, and haven't once been asked if I'm old enough to be doing this, "when's the physician coming in?", or "what exactly are you?" I've never gone that long without hearing something like that! I wear my white coat and name tag, I started wearing my glasses, I walk in and shake everyone in the room's hand and look them in the eye when I introduce myself, and I try to sound confident. Small changes make a big difference I guess. Thanks for the advice, everyone! Hope this thread can help others dealing with the same thing!
  5. Yeah, one thing I noticed was PAs there are not allowed to sign off on worker's comp or DOT physicals. Darn ;) Another thing I noticed is it says "Physician's Assistant" in some spots and "Physician Assistants" in others...
  6. Would also love to hear about people's experience with the company...
  7. From the AAPA Facebook page: "Working in Oz PAs can now work in Queensland, Australia. Last month, the Queensland Department of Health issued guidelines on "Physician Assistant (PA) Clinical Governance." This now means PAs can work throughout the health sector in this state. Thanks to PA Rod Hooker for bringing this to our attention." http://www.health.qld.gov.au/qhpolicy/docs/gdl/qh-gdl-397.pdf I'm an Aussie citizen and would love to work there one day (a while down the road...). Anyone know of good resources for employment opportunities/job boards for Oz?
  8. It makes me feel better in the meantime to know I'm not the only one :) I also get "you don't look old enough to be doing this". Love that one.
  9. I look through the entire chart before seeing every pt... I only ask that so I can hear what their concerns are in their own words. About a third of the time it's not quite what was written in the chart... But for the reasons you've mentioned, I can adjust how I handle this.
  10. THANK YOU. I hadn't considered leaving the full name out of the conversation; figured it was what we're stuck with. It's truly unfortunate that we're unable to give the full title of our name. I completely agree with what you all are saying though, and I'll definitely adopt that tactic from now on. I think the white coat will help. Didn't have one at my last place. I have mixed feelings though about not "dumbing things down". I certainly try to avoid sounding like I'm incompetent, but I also think we're not doing pts any favors by using language they are unable to understand. I can't tell
  11. Hey all, I'm a fairly new grad, been practicing in urgent care for about 6 months. I wanted to get some advice on something I'm a little bothered by-- I'm female, blond, and look like I could pass for a teenager (I'm almost 30). My question for you guys is, I run into this situation several times a day when I walk into a pt room: Me: "Hi Mr./Ms. _____, My name is _____, I'm a PA here. What brings you in today?" Pt: "You're a what?" Me: "A PA... a physician assistant." Pt: "Oh." As soon as they hear the word "assistant", I see them get nervous, stiffen up, and only sometimes ask
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