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  1. I needed to fulfill my basic chemistry prerequisites so I decided to complete them at a local community college. I was unwittingly instructed by admissions to take a chemistry course that is "for non-science majors". It was a four credit chemistry with a lab. Because I took the first one of that sequence I had to take the second semester in the same sequence so my 8 basic chemistry credits come from these "non science major" chemistry courses. I will have an A in both, and I am planning to take organic 1 as well as biochem. My science/regular GPA is a 3.95 My question is how I
  2. This thread is extremely helpful! I accidentally took 2 semesters of non pre-med chemistry at a community college (advisor told me the courses were the same!!) and the program I want to apply to only accepts med level and not from a CC (only from a 4 year university). I think my application is very strong otherwise... How do you recommend I proceed? The program is Northeastern. Thanks!
  3. Hello, This is my first post. I am most interested in the AF HPSP program and I am excited about the opportunity to serve and to be a PA in the military. I have a few questions: Does anyone know what the big factors are in your acceptance to the scholarship? I have a great GPA and am working in urgent care as a medical scribe and volunteering as an EMT/firefighter. Should securing a veteran as reference be a priority for me? What do you think my chances of getting a scholarship are if I apply on time (obviously going to be dependent on the number they offer...)? Can anyone who did this
  4. Oh, I'm sorry, I think I misunderstood your post. Yes I will delete my post and re-post it tomorrow as a reply in the sticky. Thanks.
  5. I've read that thread, it was extremely helpful, and the questions I posed above I felt were unanswered by it.
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