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  1. I needed to fulfill my basic chemistry prerequisites so I decided to complete them at a local community college. I was unwittingly instructed by admissions to take a chemistry course that is "for non-science majors". It was a four credit chemistry with a lab. Because I took the first one of that sequence I had to take the second semester in the same sequence so my 8 basic chemistry credits come from these "non science major" chemistry courses. I will have an A in both, and I am planning to take organic 1 as well as biochem. My science/regular GPA is a 3.95 My question is how I should address this, if at all, on my application? Will admissions even recognize this fact and will they care? Will they wonder why I took "easier" chemistry courses and hold this against me as an applicant? is it worth drawing attention to this by attempting to explain it? Thanks!
  2. This thread is extremely helpful! I accidentally took 2 semesters of non pre-med chemistry at a community college (advisor told me the courses were the same!!) and the program I want to apply to only accepts med level and not from a CC (only from a 4 year university). I think my application is very strong otherwise... How do you recommend I proceed? The program is Northeastern. Thanks!
  3. Hello, This is my first post. I am most interested in the AF HPSP program and I am excited about the opportunity to serve and to be a PA in the military. I have a few questions: Does anyone know what the big factors are in your acceptance to the scholarship? I have a great GPA and am working in urgent care as a medical scribe and volunteering as an EMT/firefighter. Should securing a veteran as reference be a priority for me? What do you think my chances of getting a scholarship are if I apply on time (obviously going to be dependent on the number they offer...)? Can anyone who did this program comment on what your service commitment is/was like (I know that is a hugely general question... and I have been reading up on this a lot... maybe just a couple sentances)? What are the biggest challenges/rewards? My GF is also possibly going to be applying to the AF through the HPSP as an MD student… if we get married will we be guarunteed to be stationed in the same place? I understand our deployments won’t be the same schedule/place. I am open to deploying and working with service members and locals in a disaster relief or combat zone... can anyone comment on that... how that (and the role of AF PAs) is changing now that we are out of Iraq and exiting Afganistan. Can people comment on their experiences in their 3 years of committed time in this regard? Did you get those kind of experiences in those first 3 years, how were they, etc. I would most likely be doing more than 3 years (because my GF wouldn't be out for a long time after that!). Finally, how do the advanced studies that the military offers PAs translate into the civilian health care system? Thanks so much in advance; you guys have created a great resource for us prospective PAs here... sorry for all the questions!
  4. Oh, I'm sorry, I think I misunderstood your post. Yes I will delete my post and re-post it tomorrow as a reply in the sticky. Thanks.
  5. I've read that thread, it was extremely helpful, and the questions I posed above I felt were unanswered by it.
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