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  1. I am in the current class and the one with the white coat on in the posted video above haha. I am from Kansas and agree with all the above about not really liking Midland all that much but like they said above I really believe it helps because we are here for education not for the night life so I also see it as a benefit. There are no distractions and when you do get time to have a little fun, you really don't care where you are at because you are just happy not to be studying!!
  2. Congratulations to those who have been accepted already! It is really nice how they are very quick to let you know because I know a lot of schools are not that way. It keeps you from going crazy checking the mail or waiting for a call everyday for weeks to months. Also, if you are waitlisted do not be discouraged. I know a lot of people hear waitlist and automatically assume they aren't going to get in. A lot of people in our class were from the waitlist so do not be discouraged! Good luck to the upcoming interviewers and if you have any questions feel free to ask! I believe Liz made a thread for questions. Our class would be happy to answer any questions!!!
  3. I am also in the class of 2016 and I agree with Liz our class is very close and did get A LOT of help from the class above us. It is extremely nice to have our own building. I think a lot of times we take for granted the benefits it allows us: from having a quiet study environment to taking tests without any outside distractions. The faculty is amazing and very helpful. I would agree with Gillz, that the only real negative is living expenses here in Midland but hopefully prices will lower for the future classes.
  4. I have not. I am taking it that since I didn't receive a call it's not looking good. Do they send out letters either way saying yes, no, or wait listed? I just want to know either way. I have other offers.
  5. I see the Facebook page is kind of at a stand still. I see femiej hasn't been on since he/she created the Facebook page. I didn't know if we should make another one and post a link or if there was any progress on the last one. I have received no emails from Texas Tech so I didn't figure anything has been made or confirmed just yet. I know it is still early but it would be nice to meet and chat with some future classmates in advance and possibly make some living arrangements. I just didn't want to end up with multiple Facebook pages like NeoTrion said his class had. Any suggestions?
  6. I also received an acceptance email! Congrats to everyone! Anyone know what they are doing for living situations? I am coming from Kansas so I cannot just make trips up on weekends to look for apartments! Also anyone started that Facebook Page yet? Interested in meeting everyone!! And good luck to those still waiting!
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