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  1. I just received my letter today and got placed on the medium alternate waitlist. Though it wasn't quite the news I was hoping for, I'm still grateful to be a potential student at Touro. Does anyone know how many are placed on the waitlist?
  2. Today is the 3 week mark from the May 13th interview date. Anyone from that group hear anything yet?
  3. @Kristinaaa I emailed her about my waitlist status weeks ago and she replied saying she couldn't disclose any information. She took a week to respond bc she was on vacation I think.
  4. @rea.martha what do you mean by final decisions? For your interview date? I'm just wondering since my interview isn't til May so I'm hoping there are still seats left!
  5. @mescay someone had mentioned earlier that there will not be any waitlist movement until all interviews are over. It looks like 5/13 is the last interview date so I imagine that group will be interviewing for actual seats, not for the waitlist. Just my opinion. I have heard of some schools conducting interviews for their waitlist though, but I'm not aware of Touro doing this.
  6. Good news everyone! I just got an interview invite for 5/13 via email from Naisha, so there is still hope for the ones who haven't heard back! Can anyone provide any insight on what to expect during the interview? How many people have been accepted so far? May seems a little late to conduct interviews, but I am very grateful to be given this opportunity!!
  7. @LyndaMulan did you interview in the afternoon on the 24th? I think you were in my group (guessing by your username). Message me!
  8. @LyndaMulan same thing happened to me. I emailed Allison about it and she said it's an online glitch. Best of luck to you! I was placed on the alternate list too.
  9. I received an email stating I got placed on the alternate list. *crossing my fingers* best of luck to everyone!
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