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  1. Does anyone have an interview in July? I was just wondering. It has been pretty quiet in here recently. :-) Good luck to everyone.
  2. It looks like all correspondence is completed by e-mail. I first got the wait-listed for interview by e-mail and then later received an interview request by e-mail, as well. I am assuming everything should be the same. Good Luck to all of us.
  3. I received an interview for July 7th. It does seem like it is a long time away. People who already have gone for their interview, what was your thoughts about the program. I have heard that they are working very hard to make the program a success. Thanks and good luck to all.
  4. I got the email today that says I met the initial screening criteria and that the next step is for the adcom to review it for further consideration. The email also stated that it my take up to april 1st for the review process to occur.
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