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  1. You should be asking names of these people and calling the board that licenses naturopaths. This is flat out dangerous.
  2. The god-complex personally makes me uncomfortable but that is our job. We should tell people what is good for them. We should be strong in our knowledge and convictions and we should be pushy. if you let anti vaxxers soften you with some garbage from the internet you have done a terrible disservice.
  3. Being in recovery I have always had an interest in this type of work, would like to hear if anyone has any experience in this as well.
  4. Sealed without being expunged means it's still there. This means if you request a copy of your "rap sheet" it will be there. If another entity sees your "rap sheet" it will not be there with some exceptions. The medical board may be one of these exceptions. You have to read the questions carefully and ask your lawyer what to answer but generally speaking he/she is correct. Unless the question asks about "sealed" records you can legally answer no.
  5. I know this doesn't help but I have a question. I'm just a student and I'm wondering how contracts work. If an employer hired you for x at a certain compensation can they just demand mid contract that you now provide x+y service while Receiving the same compensation?
  6. I'm a recovering heroin addict in my first year of pa school. It can be done. I would say you have to be sure of yourself and your recovery and know this is what you want to do. Starting pa school I had 4 and a half years clean and sober and I don't really feel it's an issue honestly. I still go to meetings and such when I can because I've made that a priority for myself. My situation was complicated by having a rap sheet but I was honest and was accepted and couldn't be happier. You're situation will probably be easier because you don't have an arrest record. You don't have to disclose if you choose not to, others would say that's dishonest but it's not. You have a right to keep your personal issues to yourself. I don't tell everyone I meet I'm in recovery. I didn't tell every patient I cared for as a cna I was because it's irrelevant. I was a competent cna and a competent pa student. This is more of a question you should be asking yourself than others for advice because too many people have mixed and conflicting views. Yes you will one day be near opiates and have the ability to prescribe, do you trust yourself? Take some time to think I know I did. Feel free to message me if you have questions.
  7. I left my job with about a months notice. I took a couple days off before school started and to get my loose ends tightened up. I was only able to move into my apartment the day before classes started which was a little inconvenient but in the end it all worked out fine. I guess everybody is different. Some people like the vacation. I tend to lay around and do absolutely nothing which doesn't really help my relaxation. That is why I chose such a short interval.
  8. I think the application for you will open sometime in march or april. Keep your eyes on the website and get a head start!
  9. I think most people in your situation are worried that they won't get to the interview at all and will be overlooked in a sea of CASPA applications. Its easy to get anxious and second guess yourself. Stay confident they want to meet you for a reason. To answer your question I would say yes you have an equal shot with everyone else interviewing. That being said you still have to do well on the interview! Best of luck.
  10. You can be arrested and charged with anything. Questions of this type are worded very careful. Caspa asks for convictions, your answer is yes you've been convicted of reckless driving. Some supplementals may ask about arrests in which case you would have to disclose the arrest was for dui. I suggest contacting an attorney if you have issues. It's what I did, it cost money but bought me peace of mind. People on this board are not legal professionals and neither am I, they are medical professionals. Just like a bunch of pre-law students and lawyers taking stabs at a medical problem. You're bound to be misled.
  11. It's about the bottom line at the end of the day. Facts are facts.
  12. So did you get the scholarship? Congrats if you did!!
  13. I have been credit checked sometime in the beginning of June but have had no correspondence from nhsc. I'm guessing I won't be hearing anything until they decide of scholarship winners?
  14. I do consider mental health part of medicine but addiction is a very specific disease under that large umbrella. I don't think addiction can be treated with a pill, there's just so much more to it. Getting clean takes guts. A solid look at who you are as a person as well as a fundamental change in your belief system, not something suboxone or methadone on its own could ever accomplish.
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