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  1. Hi guys. I'm in the process of applying to the SUNY Downstate PA program. While I have all the requisites down, the supervisors that need to write the letters confirming my hours spent shadowing there might delay handing them in. I was wondering if I could hand them in after the deadline? In the SUNY Downstate application, they often 'flag' a page before you can move on if there are important bits of information (i.e. birth date) that you forget to fill in. However, they don't flag the page if I don't upload any sort of document, so I'm guessing this is optional - I hope I'm right. I can vouch
  2. Thanks for your reply aivi. I'm taking a load of classes next semester so I wanted to be absolutely sure that I'd need statistics. I was talking to a cousin and apparently SUNY Downstate waived statistics as a requirement for him because he, like me, had taken calc 1. I'm looking to apply there as well but it isn't my only option. I'd rather take statistics now then worry about not meeting another school's requirement later. I'd obviously prefer not to take it so I can focus on my other classes, so I guess I'll wait for more of your suggestions.
  3. Hi guys, I've taken calc 1 and 2 previously but I realize many schools have statistics listed as a required course. Can my calculus courses replace that requirement? If so, do you think it's favorable if I take statistics anyway? thanks
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