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  1. Hello everybody. I am a current student and have heard that there are 1300 applicants so far and that there will be 4 rounds of interviews this year starting in September. You probably won't hear anything until a couple of weeks before your interview date.
  2. Got accepted off waitlist on 2/18/14. Thank you to whoever gave up slot.
  3. Dr. Blessing had told me that some people might get pulled off in March. I guess depending if they think they have more on waitlist than slots expected.
  4. Just wondering if any of you have gotten accepted at uthcssa and if you will decline if accepted at pan am.
  5. Did anybody that got a rejection email on 1/3/14 not say that they are on the alternate list?
  6. Yes, but didn't fare as well as you. I remember your name from one of the name tags I saw interview day. Haven't gotten official rejection letter yet. Still hoping that somebody declines and I can still get in.
  7. I am under the impression that everybody was already ranked. Dr. Blessing says each faculty member scores each applicant. If they don't rank, they would have to go back to the drawing board every time somebody declines invite. Does anybody have any idea how likely it is and how often that people decline.
  8. So has anybody gotten accepted yet this week? If we don't hear by Friday, we won't hear until January. And the longer the wait the less chance of good news.
  9. No, they take as many or as few from each session as they want. I think those of us who have not gotten accepted yet, its because they want to see if there's somebody better in the last interviews.
  10. So far only one person has posted that they have been accepted. Is that right? Anyone know of any others?
  11. Congratulations. I'm still waiting and hoping. Did you interview in Oct or Nov?
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