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  1. I work 4 rvu based reimbursement. Our overtime is sort of convoluted. We get a base rate of $60 an hour plus one half of our normal rvu rate which is normally $30 per rvu. Typically we get a 3 to $400per shift bonus for picking up OT as well.
  2. For that level of acuity, the pay is WAY too low.
  3. Graduatedwith 100k in debt. Worked my ass off, lived like a student, and paid it off in a year.
  4. I believe that the median home price here is close to 800k and going up rapidly.
  5. 224k in UC working just over 40 a week, plus stellar benefits, 403b And 457 retirement accounts, 4wks vaca, 2 wks sick, 1 wk Cme with 3k for cme. High col area. With a medical director that focuses on quality of care and not numbers to boot!
  6. LOTS of networking. Ask you classmates, preceptors, friends, etc. Tons of jobs in WA. Before graduation I had sent out some resumes without any responses, but had one friend forward my resume and got a great offer in short order.
  7. Aapa numbers are always low. If you can get the mgma numbers, they are much more accurate, higher, and what most hospital systems use to set salaries.
  8. I personally do. Just to keep track of things. But the organization I work for has been great and very trust worthy. We got a monthly base salary, and whatever we produce over that gets paid out quarterly.
  9. Rvu means it doesn't matter what they collect. Derm is probably mostly cash or prior authorized, so likely not much different. rvu is nice because it is easy to calculate. If you know what you did, especially if you do your own coding, you know exactly how much you make...
  10. Depends on the deal. I like it because there is no way someone would pay me hourly what I make on RVU. But when you aren't busy, you aren't producing. Can be stressful. What field?
  11. Here in the PNW, if you've got the experience, they'll want to negotiate with you. Just be straight forward about what you want. We get 4wks vaca 2wks sick 1wk cme 2 days floating holiday And I think it is 9 holidays. (I am in UC so I work the holidays but get double. M-F types get them off)
  12. Definitely don't take anything under 100k in wa.
  13. Some places, like mine, offer a guaranteed Salary for the first 2 years or until you exceed it with production. I'm in UC but often similar pay structures.
  14. Exactly the same as a doc in UC. See lots and lots of patients.
  15. "PA WILL BE ASSIGNED PATIENTS BY THE PRACTICE WITH GOAL OF MAXIMIZING PHYSICIAN AND PA PRODUCTIVITY AT THEIR LEVEL OF EXPERTISE/KNOWLEDGE. " This likely means pre/post op visits will dominate your time. These are global charges. This means it is revenue generated by the surgeon, not you, but you are freeing them up to "maximize their production." This may dramatically reduce your revenue production and make I difficult to reach bonus threshold. I would get clarification.
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