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  1. Hey everyone, random question. For anyone who got an invite to interview in August, have they actually scheduled your date and given you all the details? I got an invite last week and responded yes, but I haven't heard anything since. Just curious. Congrats to everyone who's been invited! I've been hearing nothing but good things!
  2. I'll be the first to say, that I may have switched careers or changed my mind as to what I wanted to do plenty of times in my life, so I definitely know the feeling. That being said, I don't know that that makes for the greatest essay. It's definitely well written and very readable, but I feel like it doesn't really address why PA specifically and it seems like you kind of "settled" on it as a career. I like that its a non-conventional essay but I might shorten the second paragraph and maybe directly address why you want to be a PA. Just my thoughts.
  3. Gotcha! Thanks for the input everyone. I appreciate the help and good luck to anyone who's applying this cycle.
  4. Hey guys, So I'm currently taking two bio classes for the spring quarter that finish at the end of June. I'm guessing official transcript won't be ready until early July in which case I could then send to CASPA for verification. It seems like this will push apps back until at least August which is starting to feel pretty late. I was wondering if I should just apply now, leave them as "in progress" and then send updated transcripts directly to schools, or if I should hold off until they're all ready. I've seen similar posts but I'm having a hard time figuring it out. Thanks!!
  5. Thanks guys! I should have mentioned I do have a bachelors and am open to master's programs but this definitely helps.
  6. I'm a working EMT/Paramedic and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for schools that emphasized health care experience over pre-reqs. Don't get me wrong I'm still working on getting all of my pre-reqs done, but was trying to find some schools where my experience would take me a little farther. Stanford is the biggest option where I'm at, but I was hoping to check out other schools as well. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
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