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  1. kc2244- if you are accepted, they will ask for your final transcripts.
  2. I am a current student at the St Croix campus. Many of my current classmates were wait listed, so don't give up hope! Quite a few actually interviewed at other campuses and were wait listed there, then contacted Barry and said they would like to be considered for the other campuses (ex. St. Pete wait list, would like to get on Miami and St Croix's as well). If this seems appealing to you, I would suggest contacting Barry again and telling them you'd like to be considered. The class sizes are: Miami- 52 St. Croix- 24 St. Pete- 24 I do not know how many seats are available. It changes quite frequently, especially once interview season really picks up (January on). Best of luck to everyone, and contact me with any questions you may have!
  3. Hello, Just saw your question about St Croix. I am a 16 (first year) student at St Croix and LOVE IT. We are a close knit community, and we do have professors here, but they are PA-Cs who teach PA Role, Physical diagnosis, etc. The bulk of the courses taught at Miami/St Pete are anatomy, physiology, microbiology, etc. These courses are taught by professors with doctorates in each of their respective subjects who teach multiple classes at St Pete College and main campus Barry, which is why it seems we may not have many courses taught at the STX campus. Regarding IAV, it's kind of like high-tech Skype. Everything is in real time, so you can buzz in with your personal mic and ask the professor questions. Profs will also call on students from different campuses to answer a question. IAV allows us to have all our lectures recorded, which is an awesome way to study/rewatch lectures. STX has many unique opportunities for community involvement, and we have some of the best clinicals as well since we don't have to compete with other schools in the area for preceptors. At most, each preceptor may have 2 students at a time. It's also a lot more hands on than in the States. I recommend looking at St Croix.
  4. Mawoll10 and Celine, we'll have to shout out each other's screennames to find each other! Haha
  5. I'm staying at Jasmine Manor that week! http://www.jasminemanorvi.com/
  6. Just had my interview at Mt Union. They said this was the last interview day scheduled. I am sorry you didn't hear back sooner, but maybe they are considering doing another after the New Year if circumstances permit. Hang in there! We met a current PA student who applied 3 times. Just keep being persistent!
  7. Their website suggested that we wouldn't hear anything until Spring 2014. It will be through email
  8. Hello! I recently received an invite to interview at St Croix! I was asked to select an interview date then await confirmation before making travel arrangements. It's been over a week now- how long did it take you to receive confirmation? Did you receive at all or just show up? Also, when I called their office to leave a message, the voice mail was full? Thanks! Just got confirmation, took almost 2 weeks. Anyway, those who interviewed at ST Croix, how did it go? Any tips for getting around the island?
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