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  1. I am a current student, and yes, the dress code is business casual. I personally love it. You will basically be wearing business casual on rotations, so it's good practice. :)
  2. Took myself off the waitlist yesterday - starting PA school in 2 weeks at Midwestern University in Glendale, AZ! Good luck to everyone in all your endeavors!
  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I look forward to meeting you soon! Join our FB group! I think it may be too late to apply for on campus housing, but if you post on FB, someone may be looking for a room mate. :)
  4. No recent movement, anyone? Did Allison call anyone back about the wait list?
  5. That does help! Maybe that person who withdrew on the 11th left an open seat that has not yet been claimed... Fingers crossed!
  6. Hi everyone! Does anyone have ANY idea how the waitlist is coming along? I tried to call Allison yesterday to get a vague hint because my back up program starts at the end of May. I would like to look for housing and move forward, but MBKU is my top choice! I could really use some hope... All I know is that there were 28 students on the alternate list, and maybe some movement after the first deadline, plus one person who posted they had withdrawn after getting their top choice. Thanks, everyone!
  7. Rejected... Was not expecting that! Or maybe a part of me was? I'm confused but at least relieved the wait to hear back from them is finally over. Best of luck to the admitted class and wait listed prospective students!
  8. Is anyone who interviewed week 1 still waiting to hear something? I suppose we as a forum came to the conclusion that they aren't necessarily making decisions in the order in which people interviewed?
  9. That would be super useful knowledge. Might help put my nerves at ease if I know for sure I won't be hearing anything if everyone is gone on break...
  10. It will be good for her to see the campus if she has never been. I was just sad they didn't do more to make her feel special! Shes my mom after all! lol I did interview on the first day, so maybe they have worked out the kinks and such. :) And it was nice to have someone there to keep my nerves calmed. Good luck!
  11. I brought my mom, but honestly I wish I hadn't. They didn't even acknowledge that she was there when I checked in. Guests weren't given any material, or even thanked for coming during the presentation. It was kinda awkward. :-?
  12. Hello everyone! Our busy family practice is looking to hire another part-time PA. We are located in Bell, CA, near Los Angeles and need someone who speaks fluent Spanish and is comfortable communicating with our primarily Hispanic patient population. Does anyone have any ideas on where we should post this information? I figured this would be a great place to start. Please call Diana, our office manager, if interested at 626-926-6199. Details including hours, pay, etc are negotiable. Look forward to hearing from you soon!
  13. Alternate list. Boo! Does anyone who was accepted care go share his or her GPA? I am curious if they accepted those with higher GPAs first. Makes sense since they are a new school and need to have high stats.
  14. @Kristinnaaa I am happy to see they had a psych rotation too! Definitely something that is important to me. I was disappointed that a big program like USC did not have one establish. When I asked if they had a psych rotation during an info session, they basically told me that you will get a chance to see psych cases...while doing your primary care rotations! Although true, I was not entirely sold on that response.
  15. Most programs I interviewed at us prosection - mostly because as a PA student you simply do not have time to do a full dissection! I forgot to ask about the anatomy lab situation. Sounds like they have it covered! Did anyone ask how they will arrange their clinic skills course? Some programs have simulation exam rooms, or paid actors - did MBKU happen to mention in during an interview day? What most impressed me was the approachability of all staff/faculty members, small class sizes and the clinical rotation sites already organized. Sounds like they have it down. Given there are only 28 students to find rotations for, it will definitely mean less likelihood of cancelled clinicals - a problem I hear is common at other big programs.
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