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  1. Thanks. I have been waiting to hear something from MEDEX. It's nice to find someone who is in the know regarding their interview process. Good luck and good travels to you!
  2. When did you receive the waitlist offer? Don't be disappointed, thats better than a no. People get on from the wait lists all of the time. I also have applied to MEDEX. Have you received an interview offer yet?
  3. YES, Please keep us posted. Anyone hear anything yet today?
  4. rcreek, what is your first name? I must have talked to you because I recognize you! My name is Chantel. I agree that there were so many excellent applicatns.
  5. I heard that they pick about 10 from the first interviews and notify them the Monday after interviews. Then they notify everyone else the Monday after the second group interviews. I am super excited!
  6. Has anyone heard back from the interviews held on the 8th and 9th?
  7. I am waiting to hear from MEDEX as well regarding interviews. Does anyone know what dates they will most likely be held? I just finished an interview and they hold two main interviews on two set weekends. Good luck everyone!
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