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  1. New (Open Box) device that was purchased in August 2014. This is for the head only. It turned out that my program purchased panoptics within their wall sets and we rarely used our own otoscope/ophthalmoscope sets. I've just accepted a job in orthopedics and have no foreseeable need for this device anymore. This panoptic was used once this week to check functionality and to make sure that the lense/bulb hadn't been affected during transport. Everything checked out and works perfectly. Looking to get $350 shipped but will entertain reasonable offers. Thanks, Scott.
  2. Similar position to you to shed some insight on other positions for Ortho in CT and what offers I have received...nice thing about hospitals vs. private is joining the 10 year NHSC loan repayment for income based and not being hit with the tax on income differential at the end. May see slower growth potential and difficulty in salary negotiations once you are fully trained and capable in the OR after a few years. #1 Hospital based, heavy OR time in Total Joints Pa Run Service (15 PAs) 95K based on 10-10-24 or 4 10's, plus 1:7 call (12 hour shift) Shift differential pay for weekends (Sat/Sun) 5 wks vacation, $1500 CME + 5 days (DEA, license not covered) 403B (match 4% if 8% contributed), Life x 1, Health + Dental, malpractice with 1/3 + tail #2 Private between two smaller community hospitals 5 surgeons, 3 PAs 92.5K + 2500 signing bonus/relocation, 40 hrs, 1 weekend call/month (after 3-6 months of training) Annual bonus (per productivity and skill development) + profit sharing (open discussion after 2 years) split time between OR and clinic/hospital (2.5/2.5 or 3/2 OR) 22 days vacation + 9 holidays, $1500 CME + 5 days (DEA, license, AAPA covered) 401K vested after 1 year (4% match), Life x 1, Health + Dental, malpractice with 1/3 + tail Good luck in finding what's right for you.
  3. At the suggestions, I've created a facebook page called "Bay Path PA Program Class of 2016". There are no restrictions so feel free to like the page and comment with and questions. If it takes off, we can create a private group with all those in the class. Thanks, Scott.
  4. Tuesday, November 5th. I was unable to attend the primary interview day of November 3rd.
  5. Received a phone call from Dr. Hixon on Tuesday, and official notification email from Graduate Admissions (Lisa Adams) today. Good luck to those who interviewed.
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