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  1. I'm glad to finally hear from other classmates; congrats y'all!
  2. I interviewed November 23rd. Thank you and the best of luck to you sandraac.
  3. I spoke with a PA program representative a couple of weeks ago and she said they will be sending out interview invitations mid-January.
  4. I received an e-mail at noon today that I was accepted to the UTHSCSA MPAS program class of 2016 :-D I am thrilled! Good luck to those who are still waiting... Just remember, everything will work out in due time.
  5. @NICOLE1228 The class size is at 45 for this admissions cycle. In previous cycles the class size was smaller. Regarding future classes, the school has applied to add up to 60 students.
  6. @GGWHITE At the November 23rd interview date, they said we would find out at 1/3 times; either after the November 23rd interview date (early decision), after the December interview date, or in January 2014 (all via e-mail). I am not sure if they will inform those who are denied this way (via e-mail) or if they will send out a letter, which will take longer.
  7. Thanks for updating the thread y'all :-) I am glad to hear there are interviews still being offered.
  8. Greetings everyone :-) I will be interviewing Nov. 23rd. Is there anyone else in this thread that will be interviewing that day? I am so excited to meet everyone!
  9. While going through the last 8 pages of postings, I am glad to see the transition each of you have experienced. Congratulations to those who have been accepted :-) For those who are still waiting for an answer or even an interview (like me), let's have faith that everything will work out for the greater good. I submitted my application in August and my GRE in September, but haven't received an invite to interview yet. I will keep hoping for the best and will stay tuned to hear from y'all.
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