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  1. Congrats to those of you who got interviews! I'm here to let those of you know that DIDN'T get interviews that you STILL HAVE CHANCES! I applied 3 years in a row and got in my third year! I am a current first year! My first year, I got rejected. 2nd year I scored an interview and was waitlisted at spot 10. 2 weeks before the program started, I was spot number 1... and never got an offer. My 3rd year, I interviewed again and got in. That year, I hardly prepped at all and was just myself whereas I stressed myself out prepping the year before that. That's all I can say... BE YOURSELF! Best of luc
  2. Could you also send me an invite please? I am eager to meet my classmates! The name is Sierra Gober. Cant wait to get to know you brilliant people!
  3. Just got accepted!! Sierra here. Anyone I meet this weekend gwt accepted?! Crossing fingers!!
  4. I just flew in tonight otherwise I would have loved to! Good luck tomorrow! So excited!
  5. Just curious, who's interviewing in Seattle on the 25th?! There are threads for the other locations but none for this interview session so I thought I'd start one. I'll be there! Flying in from Utah and pretty excited to see what Washington has to offer!
  6. I received the waitlist offer today around 2 pm. Thanks for the hope! The email did say however that due to the fact most offers were in state, they weren't expecting many waitlisters to get in. :( I received my interview offer for the Seattle location about a week ago. My interview is this Monday the 25th. I heard they are also doing another round of interviews in January though so if you haven't heard anything yet, don't worry yet! They haven't invited for that round yet and are still considering people! Best of luck!
  7. I received an alternate list offer. I'm #10 on the list. SO disappointed. I applied last year, and did not get interviewed. Re-applied this year after getting some volunteer experience, and landed an interview. They really like reapplicants FYI. As far as I know, they throw out your old application. Looks like I'll be going to my U of Washington MEDEX interview afterall!
  8. I haven't heard yet either, but Doris did say emails would go out Monday. SO anxious!
  9. Just got done interviewing this weekend. AMAZING program. Faculty and current students were all so nice and helpful, and those being interviewed... WOW! So many awesome people in one room. I am not envious of the committee for having to make that tough decision. Rejection letters won't be going out until Monday at least ggaertner. They were waiting for my group to interview this weekend. Good luck everyone, and congrats to those that have already been accepted! What an amazing feeling that must be!
  10. I take back my comment. Just got an invite to interview at Seattle on the 25th! They're still looking at us! :-)
  11. Ric, I too applied some time ago and have yet to hear anything besides the "you've met the pre-requisites" letter.
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