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  1. I identify myself as a retired medical provider. To clarify, I specifically don’t say that I’m a retired PA.
  2. This doesn’t sound any different than my hospital based days in the late 80’s-early 90’s. They were always triaging ICU beds.
  3. As I'm preparing to travel tomorrow to the land of my beachside frozen ice stand, I just got back from the grocery store looking for some hand wipes which they online show to have in stock. Nadda, zip. This brings me to my question. Instead of messing around and wondering about whether or not the airline cleaning crew (minimum wage) did a decent job, and what do I do without hand sanitizer (I found a bottle of same in my luggage), why not just take a couple pair of gloves for our party, multiple pair if they so desire, and just wear them to touch items within the aircraft? We're in first, my in-laws are in coach so we'll have more to touch within our seating area due to screens and storage compartments. I haven't seen a run on gloves at Lowes/HD/HF. Don't tell anyone that this idea was presented. We don't want to start a glove stampede.
  4. If tests were to allow, I'd love to see a prospective study comparing random "cold sx." patients who recovered uneventfully, those who are sx. and test positive, and random asx. patients. What we need to know is the antibody positive rate for those non-sx. or simply "cold" patients. My suspicion is the positive rate would be not insignificant in those who are asx. or had a "cold".
  5. It only takes a moment to look up the rules/regs at the TMB website. It took maybe two minutes to read through the regs from the time I clicked on the TMB website. At my last position before retirement one of the two SP's was maybe in the clinic one day a year, if that. They do not have to be onsite, only available via phone, text, etc.
  6. Yes, there used to be a stipulation in the guidelines allowing for a patient insisting on physician assessment. This was during the time in which the patient had to be acknowledged during the visit by the physician. We were not allowed to “diagnose” thus we were not allowed to see them in the office without a physician being immediately accessible. There also used to be a stipulation regarding how much you had to work during a two year cycle to maintain licensure once licensure actually occurred.
  7. BOOMER WARNING! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! This is how it was back in the early 90's as we were entering EM and the docs didn't know what we knew (nor did we in some cases since it was all new to us as well).
  8. Let's see...I had to deal with the pig, the bird, TB, and all sorts of other patients while with the county health dept. I even had to do radiologic emergency training and BDLS/CDLS/ADLS and yet still made it to retirement. Oh, and I had to know about the location of the government stockpiles of Cipro for all the bioterrorism agents. Can't leave out the natural disaster relief as well ("Hi, Katrina" and whatever the second one was that got us activated over the opening weekend of CFB season a year or so later!). If it's my time, then it's my time and I'm ready to go whenever called (death).
  9. Or just wear Subway (eatery) gloves and each time you touch something change out like they do.
  10. If I'm slumping it had better be over a Mai-tai glass that I've dropped into the sand at sunset. Can't think of a better way to say "Bye Felicia" than in that setting. Addendum: Now it IS a crisis! I just saw online that Hawaii 5-0 is ending its run next month! How will I survive THAT (even though I primarily watched for the scenery).
  11. It's an interesting epidemiological study/experience but this gets back to the statistical references of relative and absolute. Absolute risk of dire consequences is low to the average human being in the U.S., including myself in the 60+ age range. Maybe Maui will be less crowded in a couple of weeks.
  12. Plenty of in stock choices at HD for N95 masks north of Dallas proper. May run by tomorrow after trying my elderly mom out in compression socks. I’m sure that’ll go over well.
  13. I wonder how many folks have thought about getting N95 masks at Drs. Home Depot or Lowe's instead of thinking it has to come from Amazon or some medical supply company?
  14. My mother was absolutely possessed a week ago last night in the ED after I stepped out for 15" to swap keys for vehicles with my wife. We had been reminiscing just before I walked out. When I returned she was screaming, said I wasn't her son, wanted her cordless phone from her residence which when handed the phone decided to carry on a conversation with someone, and threatened to turn me into security and sue me! Never seen her like that but it was interesting. My wife came in about 10" later and all was back to normal. I had her taken in (non-emergent) due to AMS at her residence and I wanted to exclude cerebral versus cardiac ischemia so I'd have an idea as to what to watch for over the next couple of days. They put her in for nasty urine (which she always has and wears a diaper) and watched her overnight (translation: I watched her overnight from bedside). CT ok. Jerkbird ED physician didn't check a 12 lead or troponin. When I finally got the damn hospitalist to do one before her release, SURPRISE, new NSTTW changes (precordial depression and ERWP, like maybe a PMI?). Bottom line, at 89, she isn't a candidate for anything so like I said above, I just wanted to know what to watch for. We need to all present for processing at 75 y/o (Soylent Green movie).
  15. I did years ago when one of my ED docs, boarded in FM, left to open an office. It lasted three months before reality set in and he saw that it wasn't busy enough for the two of us. I lasted 10 years in EM before the scheduling and patients took me out. I couldn't do the 6p-3a shifts due to my brain combusting after 12pm. This is the one argument that I see for putting the time and money into a residency. While the knowledge, training, and experience are never taken from you, will it pay for itself in the years to come in PC? Only time will tell. FM is it's own disaster I have come to realize which is why I was led into employee health prior to retirement.
  16. I’m wearing out the carpet with our vacuum cleaner. All the clothes and towels have never been so clean either. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. The physicians can't control themselves, and lost their ability to dictate when they gave in to the business/insurance side.
  18. Added back this morning for “3 hours/week”. No Rx privileges.
  19. I got a text from one of my old SP's from my retirement location this morning asking if I could assist for an afternoon with HER practice group performing school PE's for my former employer (ISD). May have to dust off the old stethoscope for an afternoon. As an aside, I contacted my malpractice carrier to confirm coverage for such an activity since I don't formally have an employer in this setting. Not my SP's group and not my former employer (ISD). My carrier provides an occurrence policy at the same risk level that I took out myself years ago.
  20. That's why I don't mind, "Bye, Boomer". I've got mine so best of luck to those who follow.
  21. Except for the fungi that they inhale from not cleaning out the CPAP/replacing tubing. Never a good thing when flowers are blooming out the end of the tubing.
  22. You can easily be named for having done nothing even remotely close to malpractice just because your name is on the chart. Had a patient in the 90's that came into the ED via EMS one night with an obvious tibial fracture from a soccer injury. Went into room, got hx. from EMS, did a NV exam, ordered pain med/x-ray, and handed case to ED physician. Early morning hours on floor pt. developed a compartment sx. not picked up on by floor nursing staff and even though pain med needs should've warranted some additional thought by the orthopod on call it was ignored. On rounds next morning it was picked up by ortho, pt. taken to OR for a fasciotomy (where a vascular injury was missed), and pt. was sent back to floor. Next day, foot/ankle guy picks up on issue and long story short, pt. becomes a BKA. Guess who got invited to the party and later dropped?
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