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  1. Part of my answer has to do with the season of the profession in general. When I graduated in the state of Kentucky, in 1982, we were treated like pieces of crap. It was a struggle getting established. Then I ran into anti-PA pockets, such as around Houghton, Michigan in the mid 1990s where life was made hell by some doctors and nurses (who hated our profession). In the past 15 years, it has been a piece of cake, mostly related to location and changing times rather than me changing into a better PA.

    Identical story here in Texas, same time window.
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  2. What this is really showing is how HC admins and gov't officials are the ones who have dropped the ball on this, having been told for years of an impending crisis from one source or another and not "saving for a rainy day" (supplies, etc.).  They drop the ball and expect HCP's to run into the traffic to go retrieve it.

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  3. 48 minutes ago, kidpresentable said:

    Great point. Have you always been equally worried about those things, did it concern you more as a newer PA due to lack of experience, or does it worry you most now that you’ve seen all the different ways any of those things can happen?

    Before you ask folks this you need to take into consideration how far they are into their career.  Stone age, we didn't get sued because we were "assistants" so take that out of the equation until about the last 20-25 years.  I never worried about killing anyone but missing something is always in the back of your mind.  That's where the experience and "gut" come in handy.  The more experienced, the more "gut" one should have.  Changing specialties (surg to cardiology to EM, when PA's weren't in the ED, to primary care was always a "two steps forward, one step back" situation.  You also need to factor in that for us dinosaurs we were the ones who entered into sub-specialties or areas such as EM whereas today, there really aren't any new frontiers left.

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  4. 2 hours ago, kang1208 said:

    Some trends I am seeing in NYC: 
    3) ER/UC volume greatly reduced for a short while with less trauma/cardiac emergencies

    There's the COVID cure!  Heart attacks and trauma prevent COVID cases!  I would be curious to know why out of the blue there would be fewer perceived cardiac cases, not just in your setting but elsewhere, since many are saying that their volume has decreased which by default would include cardiac cases.  Less physical exertion thus less cardiac workload since folks are not at work?  There are so many potential case studies out of this mess.

    Unfortunately while listening to the traffic reports this morning, COVID does not appear to decrease traffic accidents, even though there should be fewer vehicles on the roadway.

  5. Interesting news story here in N. Texas about a company producing plastic face masks off their 3D printer.  What's unique is that they have a square cutout similar to a Darth Vader appearance over the mouth that allows for cutting up of traditional paper masks to where it fits over the square cutout essentially allowing for multiple uses of a single paper mask by cutting it up.  Providing masks free of charge.  https://www.fox4news.com/news/north-texas-software-company-making-3d-respirator-masks-to-help-during-covid-19-pandemic

  6. Always remember that the more you look for something, the more likely you are to find it.  More testing, more positive cases; a small percentage of which at present time warrant intensive care.  These are the facts that the media likes to bring attention to.  It isn't that these folks aren't sick or don't matter, it's just the epidemiology of the matter.  Current death rates based on confirmed cases are higher than with influenza, however if one were to test the entire population and were to find the actual number of confirmed positives, regardless of symptomatology, then I think the fatality rate would be much lower.

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  7. 12 hours ago, FormerFashionDesigner said:

    This is because the underlying factor in every profession is people -- and people are just awful. 

    Bingo!  Doesn't matter what demographic group it is because I've played with them all.  For those old enough to appreciate this statement, it sure isn't like the Marcus Welby, MD days.

    Addendum:  The worst part of it is that you REALLY do want to help these folks and they won't let you.  Ugh...

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  8. I sent an email to TAPA two days ago regarding their involvement statement in the current situation and inquired as to why there was no mention in any of the media regarding utilization of PA's?  Their response was that they had just sent an email out to the legislative bodies asking for specific action on privileges and specific direction.  My question is why send out the email two days ago as opposed to two weeks ago?  I'm retired, but I still care enough to ask.  I sent an email to a Dallas Morning News reporter this morning again asking for someone in the media to inquire of the local leadership as to why there is no mention of PA's whose training exceeds any other healthcare provider aside from the physicians.  No response as of yet, or of a similar inquiry to the Dallas Co. judge or governor (I never expected them to respond).

    Reporter responded and essentially said good question, without a promise of follow up.

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  9. 3 minutes ago, Reality Check 2 said:

    Hawaii now says that if you fly over - you will be quarantined for 14 days on arrival - so - no beach view for you - all hotel walls.................


    Nah, I always have a lanai (balcony) with an ocean view.  I'm good.  You're free to party on as long as you stay on property, wherever that might be (resort, condo, house, etc.).

  10. I think that part of the gloom/doom approach that one hears in the media is dependent upon which part of the country you're talking about.  When you live in a sardine container environment like NYC or the west coast then things are going to appear worse than what they do in the midwest.  When over half of the national cases are in NYC I have to adjust my thought process on this.  Why such a big boost in La.?  Hmm, nothing ever happens there except for every soul packed in just like in NYC, etc. for Mardi Gras.

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  11. So you guys are saying not to use my stimulus check to stimulate the travel industry by booking another trip to Hawaii this summer where I can be quarantined at a resort with a wonderful ocean view for two weeks?  In all seriousness, I'd like to do a European river cruise but this year isn't going to be the time.

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  12. Has anyone followed patients after positive test and recovery?
    Read an Article about a community north of NYC where folks are repeatedly testing positive 20-30 days after first test but are asymptomatic and feel fine but remain on quarantine.
    The state dept of health policy is not letting them out until negative.
    Lots of debate - why aren’t they negative, wasting tests, others have gone negative, are they still capable of transmission? 
    I don’t think we know exactly what to expect yet.
    Leaves a huge future unknown.

    RST will remain positive for up to two weeks post infection, so I was told by Quintel when I called company a couple of years ago.
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