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  1. ACCEPTED!!!! :) Congrats to everyone else who got the phone call and best of luck to those still waiting and with upcoming interviews!!! So excited. I didn't even get to answer the call as I was working at the time. Probably for the best, I most likely would have screamed from excitement. Lol.
  2. Yes mine now says "accepted" instead of admitted because I accepted my seat and paid my tuition deposit. I am think you are correct about the disclaimer. We'll have to send official transcripts and background check information once we receive our acceptance letters in the mail. I check repetitively as well lol. Especially since I didn't get the email you were talking about. So far so good! Lol. let me know if you learn anything new once they call you back.
  3. So now I am nervous, I never received am email I just saw that my application status on MyMadison changed to "admitted". I accepted and paid my tuition deposit through MyMadison. I really hope that I am actually accepted! lol
  4. I applied late. Does anyone know how many seats they have filled or if they are planning another interview date?
  5. tavenne23 I see that you are an LAT and MA, as am I! Small world. Are you no longer applying to CSS?
  6. I submitted my application a little later (beginning of October) and I still haven't heard anything. Does anyone know how many interview days they have had already?
  7. I thought I would start a thread for this developing program. Anyone else apply for the potential first class of PA students at St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN? Has anyone heard how the accreditation process is going?
  8. I am also interviewing on Nov 21st! :) Just got my email last night
  9. Interviewing 1/11. :) Good luck to everyone interviewing the 20th!
  10. I received my interview offer and will be interviewing November 6th! So excited!
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