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  1. Thanks! What did you end up doing to get into PA school?
  2. Thanks! My cGPA from the university was 2.93, but the overall including past transcripts transferred make it a 2.77. I have thought about NP and debated between PA and NP. Is there any programs that take a year to complete that I can get done that will boost my GPA and be able to use career-wise if PA doesn't work out?
  3. I was wondering if anyone can help me/guide me through how to get to PA school regarding my situation and less than stellar GPA. I just graduated with a B.S. in Biology. In my first 2 years of college, I went through and dealt with a difficult situation that lead me into not focusing on school as much. No, it's not the typical situation where I had fun, drank and focused on a social life. It was far from it. I talked to other women who went through it, which helped me cope over the situation. I left the university, did community college and transferred to another university. In my 1st year at the new university, I had dealt with a death in my family where I spent most of the first semester in the hospital after classes, and leaving classes in the middle of lectures due to emergencies and meetings with doctors. There's really no excuse for my grades, but in the last school year, I took microbiology, biochemistry, and biology 2 in the fall and ended up with a 3.2 GPA. In the spring semester, I took immunology, a writing social justice class (university requirement), and retook physics II (past grade was a D) which included a calc-based physics discussion I had to take since I had already taken calc II. My GPA was a 3.35 for the semeser. I'm currently doing research in biology with a professor that is worth 4 credits. I'll also mention that I have worked 3 jobs in the last year while taking all these classes, my jobs included registry receptionist at an assisted living, home care aid (20 hrs a week), and a physical therapy aide (10 hrs a week). Here's a quick rundown of my grades: Overall GPA: 2.77 C's in organism & ecological biology lect, gen chem 1 lect (retake, past grade was a D), gen chem II lect (retake, past grade was a D), trigonometry (retake), physics I, speech, orgo 1 & 2, and calc II, cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry and immunology. I already know my science GPA is so low due to my C's, D's/retakes. On CASPA, I know it will be even lower! My HCE includes 2 years home care aide, 1 year physical therapy aide/medical assistant (uncertified), and now just started biofeedback tech/medical assistant at a hospital for one of the largest clinics (will not name). I have no shadowing hours, but a PA I worked with said I did as I worked directly with them. Volunteer hrs include 30 hrs at a nursing home, 30 hrs for 5k/10k races and a semester with youth from lower income and gang affected families. LOR's include department chair of biological science at my university, 2 professors, PA, DON... Also an MD I work with offered to write a LOR for me as well, and with my new job, I'm hoping to build on a good work relationship with a very well-known doctor (patients come from all over the world as there are very few practices that focus on this particular matter). In the fall I will be taking A&P and a GRE prep class (spring, I will take A&P II) as well... What's the best route to take considering a low gpa? I was considering doing an accelerated BSN to boost my gpa, build HCE and even have something to fall back on, would that be a good path? No one in my family is a PA so I dont have much guidance here. I know I won't get into PA school with this! Please help!
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