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  1. I am currently residing just outside of Toronto in Ontario. I will do my research on these schools tomorrow. Canada's PA system is so underdeveloped that graduates are only finding jobs in rural communities as assistants of family doctors. Very few specialize and even less find jobs in hospitals or health centers.
  2. Thanks very much for the support, it has been an ongoing worry! I needed the reassurance! With this in mind I realize I more than likely will not be overly competitive for the top tier schools which take overall GPA into consideration, however I do not want to end up at an accredited yet unrecognized/unheard of PA school. With 1000+ hrs of HCE ~GPA 3.0 (extreme upward trend in last two years) Strong extra-curriculars (plenty of volunteering in various hospital sectors, student government positions, lots of research experience) I realize Duke, Iowa, and probably even Cornell could be
  3. So long story short, I've experienced a rough transition from high school to undergraduate. My first year marks were not the best and my second year marks were average (biochem, genetics). Needless to say, the bottom of my transcript is nothing to boast about. Come third year, I get my life together and start popping out consistent 4.0s left, right, and center all the way through 4th year as well (human anatomy, human physiology, etc). So my issue is undoing my first two years. I am now graduated and have a lousy 3.0 overall GPA, with a 3.9-4.0 in my last two years. With this in mind, I r
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