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  1. Hello fellow PA's! Need some advice here on call compensation. I've read through the various threads regarding call compensation, however, I have a bit of a unique situation. I've worked in a small ortho practice over the last 3 years, enjoying rather high autonomy and a great relationship with my SP. While I initially took very little call, as I gained experience (I was a new grad prior to this job), the call coverage for my SP has increased. I was advised early on, that I would not be required to take call, and there were no call stipulations in my contract. I now cover an average of one weekend a month providing coverage for the ER, as well as rounding on any inpatients that remain in over the weekend. I'll also see any consults that are ordered during that weekend, as well as admit potential surgical patients. I have done this coverage without increase in compensation as mostly a favor to my SP so that he has a bit more free time. The call coverage is now increasing, at times, to more than one weekend a month and I'm going to be going in for a contract renegotiation to include compensation for this call. The unique situation, as mentioned earlier, will be a possible upcoming 6 weeks of 24/7 call coverage while my SP is away for an extended time. The call coverage will be coverage for the ER. Any potential surgical patients will be referred to another surgeon. The question is compensation for this 6 weeks of coverage. Lump sum? Hourly rate? Has anyone had a similar situation? There will be an interim ortho SP available for consultation if need be. Thanks in advance for any advice! OrthoPAinPA
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