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  1. I have a Rosh subscription until November 5th 2020 for sale. Asking $100.
  2. I have a brand new Pance Prep Pearls 3rd edition (A and B). I am selling it for $50 if anyone is interested.
  3. Pretty mediocre offer IMO. Are the two saturdays included in your 40 hr week? With 2 Saturdays a month on top of 40 hr work week, you are looking at $42/hr without any health insurance. PTO is also kind of low. Without health insurance base should be at least 105k. A lot also depends on how many patients you see, if they are big on teaching, distance to work, etc. I agree student loans are a huge problem but honestly a waiting a month or two will not a make a huge difference in the long run. Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. If you can negotiate the derm offer on the terms you mentioned, then it looks like that is a better option for you. However, with the offer mentioned, your first year salary is 75k, which is absolutely unacceptable especially in dermatology and that too without an MA. It is a lot of extra work that is not part of your job profile.
  5. Unless you are really interested in vascular surgery, I would pass. If you are working close to 50 hours a week with 95K salary, that equates to about $40/hr. The benefits are pretty decent for a new grad. For those hours, I wouldn't except anything less than 105K.
  6. I couldn't agree more. You spoke my mind. I would absolutely NOT take this offer especially in NY. There are too many red flags. I feel the numbers just don't add up to point where you can even consider countering it. You work 192 hours/month x 12 months= 2304 hours/year. 96000/2304 = $41.66/hr. Plus, 20-25 patients a day is a lot for a new grad, which means they are not big on teaching. It could also mean you are looking at doing some charting at home. Plus, that commute....I think all of it will add up to a recipe of burnout!
  7. Good offer, but not having 401k for the first year kind of sucks, but whatever and even after that it's only 2%. See if you can try to get that to 3%. I am not sure if they would give you a sign on bonus, but here is how you can compensate. Ask them to remove the relocation assistance if you don't need it and replace it with a higher base salary ($55/hr). This way your base salary is about 9k higher and you can get a higher OT rate as well. 25+ patients is a lot for a new grad. How soon are you suppose to see that many patients? If after 6 months, that should be fine. It is nice they have other providers at the location for help. Clarify this and make sure they are big on teaching. Good luck!
  8. Sorry, I did 36 hrs x 48 = 1728 x 4 x 12 = 83K, but ya if you do 52 weeks, it comes out to 90K and with 40 hrs its 99,840. I think it is good offer.
  9. The salary doesn't add up. If you do 36 hrs a week (assuming that is full time) @ 48/hr, it comes to about 83k. Even if you do 40 hrs a week, that is 92k. With a base salary of $99,840 and 36 hrs a week, you are making about $57/hr. unless my calculation is way off.
  10. Thanks. I passed with a big margin. I think Rosh was really helpful and questions were pretty similar in terms of difficulty.
  11. Our program is using PAEA exams for our EORs. I just took my first Rosh review EOR exam in Peds and got a 60%. Our program uses a standard deviation of -1.5 as passing. I am unsure of what this really means. If anyone has used Rosh review's EOR exams, can you please post how did you do on it compared to the actual EOR? I hear that if you score in 60s you are likely to pass the PANCE, but to what exent is this valid for the EORs?
  12. Sounds really good. After you get comfortable, if you see 25 patients a day, you can double your salary. However, don't sign more than a 1 year contract and make sure they are willing to teach. I would also try to get the CME upto $2000. The average is $2500
  13. Pathetic offer IMO. Dont take anything less than 100k. I understand that you liked your rotation and the environment is great but you are getting paid $40/hr which is what nurses get paid in some areas. 3 year commitment is also a red flag. Keep looking.
  14. I wouldn't take the first offer because 50 patients a day is way too much. If you have a 12 hour shift, that's more than 4 pts per hour. PTO, CME is not great either. Not worth it. If you don't feel comfortable working by yourself, then don't take the second offer. I would say keep looking. Don't sell yourself short.
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