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  1. It's not, but I think they can call it a training period. It's hard to break into Derm as a new grad, but doing it for a year for a low pay is worth it if you really want to do Derm and have no other options.
  2. If money isn't a huge issue for you, and you cannot work in any other specialty, take it. With the pandemic, it is hard to find dermatology jobs. You could think of it as Derm residency for about a year- Long hours with very low pay. I know one of my friends worked free for 6 months after graduation in Derm.
  3. It is a low salary, but you know that already. Having said that, you have to no state income tax in Florida and with the bonus you might be make close to your salary right now. The benefits are decent too. If you really like Florida, and have no other option, it's not a horrible offer. Have you tried contacting a recruiter? Sometimes, they are able to get you some good offers.
  4. I agree with this. Schools don't have any right to hold you from taking the PANCE because they have to let NCCPA know you are eligible UNLESS it mentions specifically in the handbook that you have to get a certain PACKRAT score.
  5. I agree that with 4 years of ER experience, you should be paid more, but times are tough due to Covid. The benefits are solid, but the base salary is way too low. If you have savings, and are not in a rush, I would say apply somewhere else, but it may be a while before you can get another job. It all depends on how your financial situation is and if IM is something you like and want to do. I would say that the counter offer is fair. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn't accept anything below that.
  6. I am not sure if you accepted this, but if not, then you can counter it with 90k. With that, it becomes a typical new grad offer. I agree bonus is unattainable. Unfortunately, GA is very saturated, but if you are not in a hurry, keep looking. If you speak Spanish, I have seen places that would pay way more.
  7. My health insurance is about $500/mo, so it is essentially covered. I agree in-patient psych can be difficult and I recently found out that the physician will not be there all the time. However, there will be training from other providers which is fine, but I was hoping the doctor was there because he was a great preceptor/teacher. Another negative is that it is almost 1 hour drive (UC is only 20 min). Also, this is 1099 position, which doesn't make any sense because they are offering all the benefits. I maybe wrong, but I thought 1099 is when they don't cover benefits. Can someone explain thi
  8. I am a new grad and I have two offers. I am located in the southeast region with moderate cost of living. 1st offer: Psych (in-patient) Start date: January 2020 Salary: $55/hr (for first two months), then upto $65/hr (depending on physician evaluation)- 32 hrs/week ($97,280). There will be opportunities to pick up more shifts, but not initially. No Bonus 12-18 patients per day. CME: $1500 Health Insurance: They will pay upto $500/month. PTO: 10 days They will pay for DEA. They said they will reimburse me for malpractice (upto $1500/year)., but
  9. I am selling my Rosh Review for $100. Exp: Nov 5th 2020
  10. I have a brand new Pance Prep Pearls 3rd edition (A and B). I am selling it for $50 if anyone is interested.
  11. Pretty mediocre offer IMO. Are the two saturdays included in your 40 hr week? With 2 Saturdays a month on top of 40 hr work week, you are looking at $42/hr without any health insurance. PTO is also kind of low. Without health insurance base should be at least 105k. A lot also depends on how many patients you see, if they are big on teaching, distance to work, etc. I agree student loans are a huge problem but honestly a waiting a month or two will not a make a huge difference in the long run. Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. If you can negotiate the derm offer on the terms you mentioned, then it looks like that is a better option for you. However, with the offer mentioned, your first year salary is 75k, which is absolutely unacceptable especially in dermatology and that too without an MA. It is a lot of extra work that is not part of your job profile.
  13. Unless you are really interested in vascular surgery, I would pass. If you are working close to 50 hours a week with 95K salary, that equates to about $40/hr. The benefits are pretty decent for a new grad. For those hours, I wouldn't except anything less than 105K.
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