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  1. just curious for opinions... i have a dress i want to wear to my white coat ceremony that is 3/4 sleeve.. i do have ink on my arm that would be visible. in normal circumstance i would just wear a suit jacket, but obviously were putting on white coats... should i wear a suit jacket to cover it? do people wear jackets so i won't look too out of place? or does anyone have any other advice?
  2. I am starting a PA program in January. I have 2 kids, who will be 2 yrs old and 6 months old, at that point. My husband and I are deciding whether he should work or stay at home while I'm in the program. In his current job (for an organ procurement org) he works evenings. So that means we will need part time child care, but that he and I will virtually never see each other. The other option is for him to stay at home with the kids, not need childcare, get to actually see him some, but obviously that means living off of loans (i.e. more debt). Ive googled this topic and i've mostly seen posts about guys in PA school and wife stays home with kids. I;m worried if he is working we are both going to be burning the candle at both ends between work/school and caring for the children with our opposite schedules. do most people in the program with kids have a "stay at home" spouse? Is it realistic to get by living only on loans for the duration of the program? help!
  3. Not sure which number you called but I called the PA program number and they said offers should be going out today or tomorrow am: )
  4. I just got an email from evms for a Dr's appointment reminder. Ughhhhh that is just cruel. :)
  5. Sorry to hear. This is my second time applying so I understand. Did u just receive that letter or was it sent earlier today?
  6. Nothing here yet... Everytime my gmail dings I feel like My stomach is turning! Lol
  7. Yes please update here if you get your email. This is torture: )
  8. Yes please update here if you get your email. This is torture: )
  9. I'm getting ready to submit mine soon. Still need 1 more LOR. I applied in the 2013-2014 cycle and didn't get in (only applied to this one school) .. here's to hoping 2nd time is a charm!
  10. I just found this thread and was so excited! I am submitting my CASPA and my supplemental application tomorrow! Now it is just a waiting game !
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