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  1. I'm not necessarily asking for medical advice. I'm asking if PAs can use medical cannabis, especially in a situation like mine. I am just sharing my experience and was curious about peoples opinions on this.
  2. I am new to this form and I would like to hear some of your guys opinions. I am currently a college student in California and I am planning on becoming a PA. My whole life I have had ADD and Anxiety I was diagnosed at a very young age and have tried so many different medicines without much effect. The only medications that really work come with many undesirable side effects. Such as adderall which I have been taking my whole life and benzodiazepines which I almost refuse to take. The adderall does work really great for my ADD but it comes with many awful side effects that I absolutely hate! I have tried just about every ADD medicine and it really is the only one that works. Beznos also work for me and I have had them perscribed at small amounts for breakthrough anxiety at times but I haven't and wouldn't ever take them regularly because I do not want to rely on an addictive pill to feel normal and get stuck having to take it every day. I have tried just about every single anxiety medicine even including SSRIs (I am not depressed at all, doctors thought that it would help with my anxiety) and the only ones that actually work for me are benzos but I don't like how they make me feel at all. They make me feel intoxicated, very tired, unmotivated, and dull my emotions. There is no way I could take something that makes me feel like that. Also, last year I suffered my 4th concussion from hockey and it ended my hockey career. I was supposed to go play college hockey on a scholarship so I was very bummed about this. Ever since then I have been dealing with post concussion syndrome. I have tried just about every thing even including some holistic medicine. The last option I have for this is taking narcotics pain killers and I do not like taking opoids at all. They are extremely addictive and dangerous and just make you pretty intoxicated even in the therapeutic doses. So I was prescribed percocet for these headaches but I wouldn't accept an everyday prescription so I took it as needed. The medicinal effects were good at relieving my headaches but when I take it, I cannot function as good as I should be able to. I have talked to many different doctors and psychiatrists and almost all of them told me to try medical cannabis. So I decided to try it and it benefits me greatly. It strongly helps my ADD, allowing to take over as my main ADD medication with adderall rarely ever used as needed. I take my medicine before school and it allows me to really focus on my work and not get distracted and be productive. It does not make me lazy in any way at all and actually allows me to be more productive while feeling like myself and not being intoxicated like most of these other medicines. It helps my anxiety greatly, not quite as good as benzos but its very close without all of the unwanted side effects. It also works great for my headaches. It works just as good or even better then the narcotics I was prescribed. I am very glad that I have tried this and it has really benefited my life in such a positive way. I no longer have to take adderall all the time with absolutely terrible side effects, I no longer have to take benzos that just lower my ambition and make me lazy, and I no longer have to take any more narcotics which just make me feel totally out of it. The whole reason I take this is because it benefits me very much and allows me to be normal and doesn't make me feel intoxicated. That is the whole entire reason why I use it. I don't like taking medications that alter your personality. A lot of people claim that it makes people intoxicated and then cannot work on it and I don't totally understand this. I feel like it is totally fair if a company wants to fire you for not being 100% on point and that should go for every medication. Handling patients is a huge responsibility and you have to be 100% on point for sure! Many medications take away your ability of being on point and some you can barely even function on but I don't hear very many people talking about those medications while working. Maybe its government propaganda? When I consume cannabis it doesn't take away any of my abilities to work hard, think straight, and be productive. If anything it improves it. So my question is can PAs use medical cannabis in California? Let me know some of your guys opinions on this.
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