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  1. My SP is retiring and selling his FM practice. I am looking for advice on salary negotiation with the new supervising physician. The new SP has big aspirations for the practice and plans to add many updates which is exciting but it appears that it will also come with quite the workload increase. I suspect that we will be marketing the practice more which means more patients. (I currently average 15 per day) He wants me to credential at the local hospital and round on our patients in the morning if they were admitted to the hospital in the morning prior to seeing patients
  2. I just received my first offer at an Orthopedic practice just 30 minutes south of Boston, MA as an Orthopedic Spine PA 2 days in OR/3 days in clinic. 40 hours. Salary: 80k "On call potential": "10-20k+" ($350/night on weekdays and $750/night on weekends) 3 weeks vacation 40 hours sicktime; 1 personal day Full benefits Practice pays for disability, malpractice, and licensing fees 5 days CME + $1500 401k + 3% match Is this even worth considering?
  3. Looking for something off campus but with their harsh winters, I am looking for something fairly close. Living on campus sounds like the right idea haha
  4. I got accepted as well. Very excited to start in January 2017 and meet you all! Feels so far away though.... Any ideas on housing?
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